Using social profiles for SEO

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Using social profiles for SEO by Mind Map: Using social profiles for SEO

1. Direct Links

1.1. From SM to your site

1.1.1. Ensure these are in place

1.1.2. Consider targeted landing

1.2. From your site to SM

1.2.1. Drive followers

1.2.2. Create networks

2. SERPS Domination

2.1. Goal: Fill top results

2.2. E.g. Twitter search terms

2.3. You must participate

2.3.1. Engage with others Connect Discuss

2.3.2. Don't just blast content

2.4. Help other people look good

3. Brand awareness

3.1. Behave how you want to be viewed

3.2. Behave consistently across channels

3.3. Beware

3.3.1. Business profiles

3.3.2. Personal profiles

4. Drive Traffic + 2nd order links

4.1. Start the tweet with copy (not the link)

4.1.1. Check out this great link...

4.1.2. Text, link, text, #hashtag

4.2. 2nd Order effects

4.2.1. Others discover your content

4.2.2. Others link to it and share it

5. Source of content

5.1. Direct & inspirational

5.2. Use YouTube videos

5.3. Leverage/embed content from others

5.4. Create a digest (manually) from your tweets

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