Keyword Targeting Gets Tough

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Keyword Targeting Gets Tough by Mind Map: Keyword Targeting Gets Tough

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2. Multiple keywords on a single page

2.1. Intent of the users

2.1.1. What are they going to find?

2.1.2. Does the content make sense?

2.2. NATURAL word use

2.2.1. Write for humans

2.3. Combine when it makes sense

2.3.1. e.g. 'Batman' 'Batman Comics'

2.3.2. Create single pages For big, global terms For highly competitive terms Or for highly niche content

2.3.3. Create combined pages Group natural terms What will people link to

3. Internal & external linking

3.1. Concerns

3.1.1. Where to link

3.1.2. How to do it?

3.2. Breadcrumb methodology

3.2.1. Batman > Batman Comics > Batman vs Joker

3.2.2. Everything points back to where it came

4. Advanced strategies

4.1. The 'Move it'

4.1.1. Search engine ranking wrong page

4.1.2. Move to new page: 301/rel canonical

4.2. The 'Replace it'

4.2.1. Refresh content on url

4.2.2. Put the new content on the strong url

4.2.3. Keep old url, but with new content

4.3. 'Consolidation'

4.3.1. Named anchors

4.3.2. #Section 1

4.3.3. #Section 2

4.3.4. #Section 3