Copy of Plug And Play / Freedom / Coolness Factor

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Copy of Plug And Play / Freedom / Coolness Factor by Mind Map: Copy of Plug And Play / Freedom / Coolness Factor

1. Freedom

2. Coolness Factor For You!

3. Overwhelmed / Growth Is Hard

3.1. 80/20

3.2. Clarity

3.3. Don't know where to start

3.4. Lack of Income

3.5. To much on my plate

3.6. Fear of failure

3.7. Fear of the unknown

3.8. Lack of buyers

3.9. Lack of Realtor Relationships

3.10. No assistant, do I need one?

3.11. What should the assistant do for me?

3.12. No follow up in place

3.13. Lack of Clarity

3.14. Sole Income earner

3.15. People don't like me

3.16. Lack of sales skills

3.17. Lack of communication

3.18. Lack of presentation skills

4. Fear

4.1. Fear of failure

4.2. Fear of letting go of what I think I should be doing that I don't believe someone else can do better.

4.3. People telling me I am crazy and can't do that

4.4. Fear of looking bad

4.5. Fear of loosing the dream

4.6. Fear of rejection

4.6.1. How fast you recover from the the noes

4.7. Fear of not knowing what to say

4.8. Fear of not being techie enough

4.9. Fear of warm and cold calling

4.10. Fear of competition

4.11. Lack of income to provide for my family

4.12. Fear of hiring the right person

4.13. Fear of firing the wrong people

4.14. Fear of Success

4.15. Fear of the unknown

4.16. Fear of letting go and enjoying life!

5. Team in place to help me

5.1. Ralph Watkins

5.2. Chrs Master Of Operations

5.3. Scott / Carl and Tammy The Marketing Animals / Freedom Club

5.4. Vicki Rice Marketing / Social Media

6. Your own Plug and Play Training

6.1. Managing Other People Training

6.1.1. 10 Steps On How To Manage People Figure out what is going to change about your role now that you are a manager Prepare for the transition Identify your goals Know your team Match tasks with staff Meet with your team members Be visible Document team activities Reward performance Learn coaching

6.2. 8 "Be-Attitudes" of Holding People Accountable

6.2.1. Be clear about your expectations

6.2.2. Be sure of your facts

6.2.3. Be timely

6.2.4. Be Kind

6.2.5. Be Consistent

6.2.6. Be Discrete

6.2.7. Be Gracious

6.2.8. Be Balanced

6.3. P&L training

6.4. Compliance training

6.4.1. Social media

6.4.2. Documents

6.4.3. Email

6.5. HR Training

6.5.1. How to properly hire someone

6.5.2. How to property fire someone

6.5.3. Proper paper work

6.5.4. Benefits

6.6. Freedom Club training and accountability

7. Loan Officer Limited Success

7.1. Input complete 1003 into (LOS)

7.2. Pull credit

7.3. Evaluate loan applications and documentation by confirming credit worthiness

7.4. Approve loans or submit to 24 hour scenario desk (Staffed by underwriters)

7.5. Reject loans by explaining deficiencies to applicants

7.6. Deliver Bad News directly to the client and Realtor

7.7. Structuring or Re-Structuring Loan Program

7.8. Initial Disclosures

7.9. Re-disclosures

7.10. Agent Follow up

7.11. Builder Follow ups

7.12. Approval issues

7.13. All client conditions

7.14. All Real Estate agent and builder conditions

7.15. Weekly Pipeline Calls

7.16. Rush requests

7.17. Credit re-scores

7.18. Run files through AUS system

7.19. Email out Application Documents

7.20. Updating 4506T address if discrepancy

7.21. Status for all appraisals orders

7.22. Overnighting documents to clients

7.23. Hire Loan Partner / Fire Loan Partner

7.24. Hire and Fire Processor

7.25. Email Management

7.26. Marketing / Social media Management

7.26.1. Facebook

7.26.2. LinkedIn

7.26.3. Twitter

7.26.4. Youtube

7.26.5. Pinterest

7.27. Phones

7.28. New leads coming in

7.29. Approvaled buyers getting contracts

7.30. Past database management

7.31. Build new realtor relationships for continued growth

7.32. Maintain Realtor relationships for continued business

7.33. New Business

7.33.1. Traffic

7.33.2. Relationships

7.33.3. Follow Up

7.33.4. Call to action

8. Loan Officer Unlimited Success

8.1. Input complete 1003 into Point

8.2. Evaluate loan applications and documentation by confirming credit worthiness

8.3. Approve loans or submit to 24 hour help scenario desk. (Staffed by underwriters)

8.4. Reject loans by explaining deficiencies to applicants

8.5. Deliver bad news directly to the client and realtor

8.6. Freedom Club

8.6.1. Access to everything we own

8.6.2. Mortgage Marketing Animals

8.6.3. Agent Mastermind

8.6.4. Follow My Clients

8.6.5. Monday – Thor’s Hammer – 12 weeks to get a coffee – Then 12 weeks of follow up (30-12-5) Current Partners – Did you work or did you play?

8.6.6. Tuesday - “Just Ask” campaign – Update everyone in transaction followed with a CTA – “Who do you know?” Or “Can I treat you to coffee”…(both agents, borrowers, seller, title or escrow agent, insurance agent (30% increase in pipeline)

8.6.7. Wednesday – Past Database of closed clients, Circle of Influence, BNI/leads group 1-2 referrals minimum from every 100 in your database

8.6.8. Thursday - Pre-Approved looking Other partners – CPA, Financial planners, Atty, Brokers/Title to teach classes Text current partners – Are you working this weekend? Let’s get them pre-approved.

8.6.9. Friday - Off from phone calls

9. Plug and Play Team In Place For Your Success / Freedom / Coolness Factor

9.1. 24/7 Answering Service

9.1.1. Forward your phone when ever you wish and they will answer your calls. They will email within 2 minutes after the call

9.1.2. Forward your phone on weekends and only call back those that are important / rest wait until Monday

9.1.3. When in an appointment for any period of time

9.1.4. When on vacation

9.2. Freedom Dialer

9.2.1. Call to set realtor appointments on your behalf

9.2.2. Past database

9.3. Marketing Assistant with your agents / Vicki

9.4. Social Media Branding and training / Vicki

9.5. Loan Partner

9.5.1. Pre qualifying loan files (Licensed as a LO)

9.5.2. Initial Disclosures

9.5.3. Re-Disclosures

9.5.4. Agent Follow up and "Just Ask" on Tuesday

9.5.5. Approval issues

9.5.6. All Realtor and client conditions

9.5.7. Rush requests

9.5.8. Credit rescores

9.5.9. Run files through AUS system

9.5.10. E-Docs / Email / or Overnight docs to clients

9.5.11. Update 4506T address if discrepancy

9.5.12. Babysit and status on all appraisal orders

9.5.13. Answering upfront questions from clients & Realtors

9.5.14. Lock loans for you after you approve

9.6. Senior Processor

9.6.1. Pre underwrites file before submission for minimal conditions

9.6.2. Helps Clear conditions if needed along with contacting borrower

9.6.3. Keeps Realtors up to date on current status of files

9.6.4. Schedules closing with Realtors, Title, & Borrower

9.6.5. Hud approval with closing dept

9.6.6. Licensed

9.7. Mortgage Planner CRM "MPC"

9.7.1. Before Campaign (Start Of Loan)

9.7.2. During 11-15 Touches to everyone by email and text Every Friday email and text is sent with updates

9.7.3. After closing Closing it out with gifts and thank you's