The Environment and You

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The Environment and You by Mind Map: The Environment and You

1. Environment

1.1. Natural

1.1.1. forests

1.1.2. rivers

1.1.3. zoos

1.2. Man-made

1.2.1. cities

1.2.2. zoos

1.2.3. parks

1.3. "The physical surroundings of an organism which includes the living and nonliving components." - from the MSDE curriculum glossary

2. Natural Resources

2.1. things (materials/substances) that come from nature that we can use

2.2. Renewable

2.2.1. naturally replenishes/we don't have a great affect on its amount (like sun, wind, and air)

2.3. Non-renewable

2.3.1. does not naturally replenish, or does so extremely slowly (like fossil fuels, coal, and metals)

3. How we use natural resources (examples)

3.1. energy

3.2. food