Vi - Mechanics and Ability Information (Needs Clips)

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Vi - Mechanics and Ability Information (Needs Clips) by Mind Map: Vi - Mechanics and Ability Information (Needs Clips)

1. Auto Resetting

1.1. The first and, probably most important mechanic for Vi is auto resetting. Since she has two abilities (three if you count two stacks of E) that can do it, doing it properly is even more important. This can easily be the difference between picking up a kill or dying for free.

1.2. E

1.2.1. Simply activate the E immediately after your auto. You always want to do this.

1.3. Q

1.3.1. This one is kind of situational. Often you don't want to be blowing your Q on this, but if you're in a close duel or really just need a last punch of damage, this is a great option. Is accomplished simply by tapping your q without charging instantly after an auto.

2. Ult Mechanics

2.1. Your ult only has a couple of things to cover. One of them is extraordinarily situation (and cool), while the other is extremely applicable.

2.2. Let's do the cool one first. So, when you're ulting with Vi, you can actually flash. Now, this doesn't seem very useful (because it's not, really). Watch this (ROLL THE CLIP)

2.2.1. Again, this is really rare and not super advised. But, damn. How cool was that?

2.2.2. We should get a clip of interrupting like 4 abilities. Fid Ult, Malz Ult, Karthus R, Yi Med, TF Ult, Panth Ult, Nunu Ult, Shen Ult, Urgot Ult WW Ult, Zac E, Vi Q Ok, we didn't do four, but here's the clip. TYFVN

2.3. Now, let's get back to the boring, useful stuff. A great way to get some additional value out of your ultimate is to use right before you are hit with some CC. The great thing about Vi's ult is that one she goes she goes. There's no CC that can stop her. Because of this, any CC that is landed on her while she's ulting is almost completely wasted by the time she lands. This is a great thing to do during almost any situation.

3. Q

3.1. Now that we've covered that general mechanic that applies to multiple abilities, let's just hone in one one ability, Q. There are a number of really cool things you can do with Q, and since this is the ability you'll be maxing and relying on for damage and CC, it's vital that you know everything Vi is capable of regarding this ability.

3.2. The first thing we'll need to cover regarding Q are the Flash + Q Combos. There are two different ways that you can utilize this combo, and both have their own unique uses.

3.2.1. Option #1: Charge, Flash, Release This is the most common way you'll be combining Flash your Q. It's extremely easy to do and very reliable (unlike the next option). This is a fantastic combo when someone is out of your range. It allows you to start your Q, let it charge up, then flash and immediately let it go. Feel free to practice this in a custom game a few times if you've never done it as it can take a little bit of getting used to.

3.2.2. Charge, Release, Flash This next version, as I mentioned previously, is much more difficult and situational. You can, if done correctly, Flash after releasing your Q to change where you're going to end up from where you released it. This requires much more precision because you've already released and it's also more difficult to realign yourself with the Flash itself. Practice this one a lot before bringing it into ranked. The only real reason you would ever want to use this combo rather than the previous one is that it allows you to react to things. For example, if you start a Q at someone, and they dodge out of it, you can flash onto them and still land the Q. This does not work with the other combo. One thing you should know about this combo is that you can flash at any point during your Q. This includes right at the very end of it. So, you can basically be at your location already and then flash onto someone and instantly get the knockup.

3.3. Interrupting Gap Closer

3.3.1. Another amazing use for Vault Breaker is interrupting gap closers. You can use your Q to interrupt almost any enemy gap closer. There are exception to this, like Hecarim and Malphite, for example, but for champions like Pantheon, Nidalee, etc. you are able to, if timed perfectly, negate the CC and damage from their ability. This is a great way to save a teammate or win a duel. We have a Clip of this that I need to find CYHRW

3.4. Can knock up multiple people

3.4.1. We have examples of this YYWET AVBPH

3.4.2. A great way to dominate a teamfight or skirmish is to land your Q on multiple people! A lot of players don't know that you can land both the damage and knockup of Vi's Q onto multiple people. So, if you ever see a tightly packed bunch of enemy champions, consider lining up the perfect, high impact Q.

3.5. Extra Range

3.5.1. We have footage of this. JYKZN PMWMR

3.5.2. As with most skill shots in League, you have a bit more range on your Q than the arrow shows. This is not necessarily something you want to rely on, but it is a good thing to know if you're ever in a pinch.

3.6. Practice: Q flash over two walls. Can do this once at the start then once at the end when your flash is up again.

4. E

4.1. While getting the most out of your E isn't quite as crucial as your Q, there are still a few things that could help you out.

4.2. Extra Range

4.2.1. The first and, probably most important thing to know about your E is that it gives your auto attack an extra 50 range. This is great if you're chasing down a target who is just out of range. You could use this to pick up a kill on a low target or to apply red buff in a gank.

4.3. Cone Damage

4.3.1. Your E also does splash damage in a cone, as you likely know, but, you may or may not think of using it to finish off a low, out of range target who is behind minions. If someone is just out of reach and behind a wall of minions, activate your E and auto in their direction to pick up the stylish last hit.

4.4. Cone Visual Effect

4.4.1. Continuing with the theme of your splash damage, this splash also has, as you know, a visual effect. What you may not know or think of, however, is that shooting your E splash over a wall can be seen by the enemy. This is primarily relevant when doing you're wraiths and shooting it into mid, but can also occur any time you're farming a camp over the wall from an enemy.

5. Smite

5.1. While Smite is not a Vi ability, you can use it to interact with her kit in really cool and unique ways.

5.2. The first thing that you'll almost always want to do is to remove Banshee's or Spell Shield from a target you have ulted before you reach them. This will allow you to do two things: Intentionally ult someone with a spell shield, or make up for your lack of awareness in ulting someone with a spell shield. Either way, this is probably the most value you will ever get out of your chilling smite.

5.3. The next usage for Smite is more based on using your other abilities in a different way. So, Vi is traditionally thought of as a pretty weak Smiter when compared to champions like Lee Sin, Nunu, etc. However, Vi's ability to Smite is actually top tier. It's just a bit harder to pull off. What you want to do is use an E auto attack as a Sheen proc and a third stack of W proc while simultaneously smiting. This sounds really complicated, but, it's not that bad. As the objective starts getting low you need to not use an ability to save your Sheen. Then, set up two auto attacks, stop auto attacking, active E, and wallop that bad boy for more than your smite.

5.3.1. As one of our Vi experts lovingly said when planning this video. "This does a literal fuck ton of damage"

5.3.2. Late game, with 200 AD, you can do an extra 600 damage with your Smite this way.

6. Intro

6.1. In this video we'll be going over all of the different mechanics Vi has as well as some information regarding her abilities that most people may not know. Let's get started.

7. Video Creator Info

7.1. This video is going to be VERY gameplay heavy. All of these things need gameplay running in the background. Probably don't even need slides for most of this.

8. Perfect Before Advancing Challenge

8.1. Alright, time for a Perfect Before Advancing Challenge. Some of Vi's mechanics can be a bit tricky, so it's important that we allow them to become second nature through some good 'ol practice. We've designed a specific practice course for you. We suggest that you practice it until you're able to do it twice in a row without messing up. After that, it's still a great way to warm up your Vi mechanics at the start of the day.

8.1.1. Enemy When creating the custom game it's crucial that you add a Taric bot to the game. The reasoning for this will become apparent later.

8.1.2. Starting Items Start off with a a machete and two pots like you would in a normal game.

8.1.3. The Practice Course The first thing you'll be doing is just clearing your jungle starting at Krugs. Focus solely on getting perfect auto attack resets. Once you reach the Razor Backs, move to next step. The next step is to practice a Q Flash combo as you see here. This is much more difficult than a normal one because it requires you do go over two walls, but it's great to practice things that are more difficult. Once you've done that, head to mid lane and push the tower in. The main goal is just to hit level 6 as quickly as possible. While you're doing this, though, practice your smites. Every time your smite is up auto a creep twice then time your smite with a E auto for the extra damage. Once you've hit level 6, go find Taric. Stand close to him and wait for him to use his stun on you. Quickly ult him and perform a perfect R + Auto + E + Q + Auto + E Combo on him. If you've done all these steps perfectly throughout the practice session, great job! If not, keep practicing. All of these things will become second nature with practice.

8.1.4. Video Creator Info Clips of all of these things happening can be found here: HPVDZ