Vi - The Different Uses for Your Ultimate

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Vi - The Different Uses for Your Ultimate by Mind Map: Vi - The Different Uses for Your Ultimate

1. The Basic Solo Ultimate

1.1. The first and simplest way to use your ultimate is to find an isolated target and ult that target. This is what almost all of your ganks will be. This is a great way to use your ultimate in the early/mid game when you're not in a full teamfight yet. The only time you really want to use this type of ult in a teamfight is if you're really far ahead (or have someone on your team who is really far ahead and can follow up) so that you can instantly delete a target, regardless of peel or escapes.

1.1.1. This is what you'll do most of the time. It's especially great if you're far ahead and can just delete the person you find out.

2. The "AoE" or Multi Man Ult

2.1. This form of ult is when you try to line up an ultimate through multiple targets. This might mean that your impact on the actual target is less because it might not be the perfect target or you might not have the perfect follow up as there are a lot of champions in the way, but this can CC and damage multiple targets unlike the solo ult, which is great for close team oriented games and fights

2.1.1. You want to do this if there's not one single target that needs to be dealt with or if you can't really deal with that target.

2.1.2. Also good if you're not as far ahead and can't just delete someone from the fight or if your team can't follow up and do the same.

3. The Zone

3.1. This is a great tactic for removing a safe/smart player from a fight--especially if they're really fed and you think that you can't kill them by yourself/you don't have any follow up. Basically, what you do is you move towards an enemy like you are going to ult them and, if they run away and you don't have the power to kill them, just don't ult them. Hold your ult while positioning aggressively and lightly partaking the in the rest of the fight.

3.1.1. Again, it's important to emphasize that this is only optimal if the player is playing safe/scared enough to stay back and out of the fight until you use your ultimate.

3.1.2. Dependant on the person you're zoning being very strong as otherwise it may not be worth you not using your ultimate and being much less effective in the fight.

3.2. Video Creator Info

3.2.1. We do not have any clips of this one as it is pretty rare. I need to think what we should do here.

4. Additional Notes

4.1. One thing you can/should be aware of is that it's usually good to save your ultimate until the enemy tries to escape if you're able to get in on them with a Q. Once you're on top of them, there's very little reason to just straight ult them unless you need your teams help. You can just either try to kill them without your ultimate or, once they get away, use your ult then. The only time this isn't really true is if you think they are ACTUALLY going to get away by going over a wall or something. In this case it is best to stop them before they get to the wall or do it by ulting them.

4.2. If you see a target who is running away approaching a wall and you think they are going to jump or flash over the wall, you can cast your ultimate right as they get to the wall and they will often bring you over the wall with them, negating their flash.

4.3. Video Creator Info

4.3.1. Just simulate footage of this in a custom if you don't have a real clip.

5. Intro

5.1. In this video we'll be talking about the many different uses for Vi's ultimate. It may seem like a pretty linear ability (because it goes in a straight line, get it?), but it can be used to achieve different goals. Knowing what goal you should have for your ultimate and how to execute that goal can have a huge impact in the quality of your Vi play.

6. Clips

6.1. Ulting Through People

6.1.1. UGICK JAZTD (Original Game)

6.1.2. PWSFZ EEHYG (Original Game)

6.2. Multi Person Ult

6.2.1. QABKF EEHYG (Original Game)