Vi - Teamfighting

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Vi - Teamfighting by Mind Map: Vi - Teamfighting

1. Peeling Vs Diving - The Decision

1.1. The first and main decision you need to make regarding teamfighting is whether you wan to peel or whether you want to dive. This is a crucial decision. A lot of poor Vi players have the mindset of "always dive!" which is fundamentally incorrect. Vi is tremendous at both, and making the correct decision on which to do can win or lose you many games.

1.1.1. The primary factor in this decision is "Who has the stronger carry(s)?" To simplify things, if theirs is stronger - kill it. If yours is stronger - stop the enemy from killing it. There are a number of other factors involved in this decision, but that's the bare bones look. Note that when I say "carry" I'm referring to any fragile and high damage champion. This usually applies to the Marksman and Mid lane role, but it could also come from top lane on occasion (Jayce, Karma, Heimerdinger, for example). So, what do you do if they have the bigger carry(s)? Overall, as I just mentioned, this is a sign that you may want to dive. However, you have to take into consideration a number of other factors. If your Carry is bigger than theirs In this situation it's almost always best to default to peeling. Vi excels at this role, and it's much less risky than diving, so it's just a great all around choice. However, there are some situations where, even though your carry is stronger, you will still want to dive.

2. Executing a Dive

2.1. The first thing that I'll mention when it comes to diving is that you're not necessarily trying to kill the target, but simply remove them from the fight. Obviously, killing them is probably the simplest and most guaranteed way to do this, but even if your dive puts someone at 10% HP and they have to completely leave the fight, you've done your job. Go back and help your team.

2.2. So, what does the ideal dive look like?

2.2.1. The most important part of an "ideal" dive is to land a fully charged Q. As we've discussed previsiously in this course, charging up that Q and landing it HUGELY increases your damage. After landing the Q, you want to Auto Attack, E Reset, Ult, Auto Attack, E Reset. This is the optimal combo for Vi and will perfectly string together your CC, reset your auto attacks, and proc your W passive twice almost instantly. This combo should be enough to remove almost any carry from a fight if you're building damage.

2.3. When You Can't Land Q

2.3.1. You won't always be able to land that full, ideal combo. So, what then? Well, it depends on who you want to ult. If your target is an immobile one, such as Jinx, Viktor, or Anivia, then it's generally fine to just open with an ult onto the target. You can then chain your ultimate into a Auto Attack, E Reset , Quick Tap Q, Auto Attack, E Reset. This does not provide nearly as much damage as landing a fully charged Q, but it still combos together your CC and allows you to get auto resets for your W passive. However, if the target is highly mobile, you really don't want to open with an ult. The reason for this is that they can easily use their escapes back into their team and drag you way out of position. For example, if you see an out of position LeBlanc and ult her, she can quickly W + R you miles from your team where you will likely die immediately and for free. The only time you should ult characters like this in a teamfight is if you know their mobility is down. It's crucial that you closely watch the target to see if he wastes his or her escapes. If they do, that's the time to strike. As a side note, these highly mobile targets are the ideal targets for the perfect combo we just covered. Because this combo assumes that you're landing a Q first, this will CC them enough to ensure that you can ultimate without them having a chance to use their escapes, so really try to catch out these mobile targets with your Q.

2.4. There are a couple of smaller things that we should mention in regards to diving. They may seem insignificant, but every little detail counts.

2.4.1. The first thing that we've seen a lot of low ELO players forget to do is to using their Randiuns! If you have this item, it's a fantastic tool for chasing down a slippery carry.

2.4.2. With this smae idea of slowing the target, you should know that slows no longer stack in League of Legends, so you don't want to Smite and Randuins someone at the same time. Either do it to different targets or wait for one slow to fall off before using another. This also applies to when you're peeling.

2.4.3. One of the coolest things you can do when diving with Vi is to give your ADC a little help before completely abandoning them. What I mean by this is that you can quickly auto attack an enemy diver three times before starting your dive. The purpose of this is to reduce the armor of the target that will likely be attempting to kill your Marksman. By doing this, you'll remove 20% of the targets Armor, which will indirectly help your Marksman to deal with and depose of that threat! This is a great idea if you're waiting for an opportunity to dive. If you see a brief and/or rare opening, you probably want to just take it and ignore doing this.

3. Executing a Peel

3.1. The first question you need to answer once you've made up your mind to peel is, "Who am I peeling for?"

3.1.1. This depends on a combination of how strong a given carry is and how much danger they are in. Even if your Tristana with Banshees is more fed than your Ziggs with no defensive items, you might want to focus more on peeling for the Ziggs since he needs more help. The key here is to be aware and ready to adjust when the situation changes. Keep an eye on both and be ready to help whoever needs it.

3.2. Positioning

3.2.1. Once you've determined who you're peeling for, your job is pretty simple. All you really have to do is position yourself directly between the person you're trying to protect and the person you're protecting them from. As the threat approaches your carry, you just do everything in your power to stop them. This means Randuins, Chilling smite, Q, Ult, anything. If multiple people are diving your carry, it's crucial that you evaluate which poses the largest threat. Be sure to look at the enemy team constantly to see who is the most fed. If you stop the 0/3 Renekton from reaching your carry, but completely ignore the fed Akali, you didn't do your job, even though you technically did peel an enemy off your carry.

3.3. Turning the Fight

3.3.1. If you're able to successfully peel for your carry without using your ultimate, always keeps your eyes open for chances to turn the fight into a dive if you are able to clean up the enemy front line. Once the threats to your carry are gone, if you see the enemy carry out of position, go ahead and engage on them.

4. Clips

4.1. Will need great video clips here.

4.1.1. Clip of Diving, backing out, then going in again JAZTD 29:20 Game Time

4.1.2. Clip of just diving JAZTD 31:15 Game Time

4.1.3. Clip of Bad Dive (no one to come with/Target has peel JAZTD 33:15 Game Time

4.1.4. Dives and kills, but no peel! This is a great clip showing that even if your dive is successful it doesn't mean much if your team isn't safe. ZIIKG 27:50 Game Time

4.1.5. Shortly after the previous clip. Shows a nice different of how diving is ok if the enemy threats are taken care of and you know your back line is safe. ZIIKG 31:00 Game Time

4.1.6. Nice clip of peeling the threats off of your carry because they are so strong. Also, didn't use ult and instantly engaged back line once threats dead. ZIIKG 36:20 Game Time

4.1.7. Peeling Clip ZIIKG 38:14 Game Time

4.1.8. Peeling Clip (Interrupts both targets trying to kill his carry) CPZRH 22:15 Game Time

4.1.9. Dive Clip - Knows he's able to kill someone solo CPZRH 24:54 Game TIme

4.1.10. Dive Clip - Team is safe, so he dives. Backs out and waits for cooldowns. CPZRH 28:30 Game Time

5. Video Creator Info

5.1. This video will require lots of clips, which I've provided for you. Feel free to pull any of your own as well.