Vi - Tips and Tricks

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Vi - Tips and Tricks by Mind Map: Vi - Tips and Tricks

1. Using Ult to Escape

1.1. Your ult places you on the back of where the target was facing when you ulted them, so this generally means that you can get to the other side of the enemy and have a free Q away without that target being in the way

1.2. If you are trying to escape a sticky situation and there's one enemy either isolated or coming from the direction you want to escape to, you can use your ult on that person to quickly gain distance in the direction you wanted to go.

2. Pushing/Clearing Waves Efficiently

2.1. Full Q through the whole wave and then E

2.2. If there are multiple waves or if they are spread out, just try to hit as many minions with your abilities as you can. There's isn't a perfect way of doing this, but try to be as efficient as possible because once your abilities are on CD you're a slow pusher.

3. Escaping with Q

3.1. Quick Recording of Discussion

3.1.1. ASKBZ

3.2. When using your Q to run away, you almost always want to go over a wall.

3.3. When using your Q to run away, charge it for as long as you can without the enemy being able to catch up to you or CC you.

3.4. You also have to be very aware of enemy CC when you're charging as any hard CC will interrupt you, so you will either want to wait until they have used that CC up or release your Q before they are able to use it on you.

4. Auto Resets to Kill Turrets

4.1. You can use your E auto reset to kill turrets more quickly


5.1. Video Creator Info

5.1.1. Unsure whether or not we want to include this one. If we do we should make it clear that it's not advised. We could even make it kind of funny and say "DISCLAIMER. I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS. MY BOSS FORCED ME TO PUT THIS INTO THE VIDEO BECAUSE HE THINKS IT'S COOL."

5.2. Boots of Swiftness reduce that amount that you are slowed. This also applies to the amount that your own Q slows you down!

6. Intro

6.1. In this video we'll be taking a look at a few of the small or unknown things about Vi that could help you to gain some small advantages. It may seem like some things are missing from this video, but you'll likely find those things in the Mechanics and Ability Information guide. In this video we tried to focus more on different ways in which you can use your abilities that aren't very commonly seen.

7. Video Creator Info

7.1. You'll want to show clips of all of these.