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Augmented Reality by Mind Map: Augmented Reality

1. History

1.1. Both augmented reality and virtual reality are not a new technology, in fact, the idea of it become a reality has been around for a long time. In fact, it wasn’t until the 90’s that virtually reality in a 2-dimensional sense became a stepping stone as something bigger and greater to come.

1.2. "VR made a huge splash in the 90s, but collapsed into near obscurity a few years later. The term VR even became a dirty word for some time, giving way to the less-hyped term immersion," - Paul Mlyniec.

2. Links to my refernces

2.1. Microsoft hololens:

2.2. My own VR under the “interactive” tab:

2.3. Mind blow, augmented reality:

2.4. More virtual than real:

2.5. Augment app:

3. About my app

3.1. I researched some augmented reality apps for android and came across one called “Augment”. It’s actually pretty cool how it works. You take a picture of something on a flat surface such as a business card or book, and it tracks that surface and lets you select from a list of virtual objects and even moving characters. It’s available on both Google play and the app store, and you can find it here -

3.2. This app actually creates an environment where you can pan around the virtual object, resize it and even get in close to look at. There also is another function where you can stand in the virtual environment such as a house or another building, and actually look around as if you were standing in there. It’s pretty cool!

4. Would I recommend the app?

4.1. If you are looking for a cool app to use, I would strongly recommend AUGMENT. Other ones that I have tried to download and use require you to go on their site and download something like a QR code and use that to track certain objects, I just thought it was a little too complicated and time consuming. Augment has everything built in. once again, you can find the website at or you can search “augment” in the App store or Google play store.

5. cool stuff

6. What is the difference from AR to VR?

6.1. The term “virtual reality” is relating to experiencing something in a virtual world. For example, some real estate websites use videos on YouTube to show off a house, or Google street view uses panoramic VR software that lets you explore an interactive would where you can look around in another environment away from your own location.

6.2. “Augmented Reality” is more recent. It utilizes specially designed software with a display such as a screen or even glasses. What this does is that it has the ability to create objects in real space, but virtually. This gives the viewer a chance to view something in 3 dimensions.

7. Check out my stuff!

7.1. I have an example on my own website that I have created using a program called “Pano2-VR”. Here is a link, you can find it under the “interactive” tab;

8. My impression of everything

8.1. Overall, I am very impressed with this software, so much so that I just had to show my parents right away when I figured out how to use the app. But aside from the app, I have found other technologies that utilize this technology with interactive design and even gaming! Right now, the use of 3d augmentation goggles plays a vital role in creating these virtual environments. These types of software used will scan a real environment, such as the room you are in and then map certain objects to create objects that interact with your own surroundings. The YouTube channel called Vsauce has a video that demonstrates the use of this technology. Here it is!

9. Cool stuff