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An Accident by Mind Map: An Accident

1. Description of the incident

1.1. a stove fire occured and not knowing what to do, I poured water on it

1.1.1. I was clumsy because I just woke up. So I basically had Eggs on Floor and Bread Stuck on Pan. Two nice dishes. Not.

1.2. I was trying to cook a meal for my mother as it is mothers' day. I took a bottle and poured it on the pan. That was when I realised it was Cider.

1.3. There were pieces of glass on the floor.

1.3.1. I stepped on a glass smithereene and injured myself

1.4. When I came back from the toilet, i saw that the stove had caught fire.

1.4.1. I quickly splashed pails of water at the raging fire.

1.5. It was very messy and the floor was very sticky and dirty.

1.5.1. There were many pieces of tiny egg shells on the floor.

1.5.2. Burnt eggs and bread were stuck to the pan. oil was spilt all over the floor

1.6. I broke a glass bottle and spilt a carton of juice.

1.6.1. I had to clean up the mess.

1.7. Glass was shattered all over the floor and the entire kitchen was in a mess.

1.8. I accidently took the oil, poured it into the cup and put it on the table

1.9. The whole kitchen was in a mess

1.10. The fire grew bigger when I poured the water on the fire but the fire spreaded to other places instead of putting out the fire and nearly burned the whole kitchen.

1.10.1. Alerted parents.

1.10.2. I called the fire fighters immediately

1.11. I poured water on the pan but the fire spreaded all over.

1.11.1. I immediately called for the fire brigade and informed my parents I ran out of the house and asked my neighbours for help.

1.12. The whole kitchen was on fire and the food in the pan was everywhere in the kitchen making it a tiring job and process for me to clean up after the fire was extinguished.

1.12.1. My parents came home from work and saw the mess I made my father reprimanded me and my mother caned me severely.

1.13. What am I going to do?- Ryan

2. other useful vocabulary

2.1. Splattered

2.2. Shattered

2.3. Panicked

2.4. Mortified

2.5. fire extinguisher

2.6. Panic-stricken

2.7. Charred remains of wood/concrete

2.8. My heart was in my mouth

2.9. Caught a whiff of acrid smoke

2.10. The flame grew into a menacing blaze

2.11. Spayed powerful jets of water at the fire

2.12. My heart was thumping wildly against my chest

2.13. The petrified scream was the last thing that I registered in my mind before everything else became surreal.

2.14. How can I make dinner?- Ryan

3. What Happened? I thought the thing said five minutes to cook and its five minutes and burnt! I'm so doomed

4. Thoughts

4.1. "I am going to get scolded for this"I thought.

4.2. " I should not have cooked!"

4.3. "Oh no! I am in hot soup!"

4.3.1. I should have watched over the toast instead of watching television!

4.3.2. I should have read the instructions carefully.

4.4. "I can clean that up later."

4.5. " I am going to take a tongue-lashing from my mother!

4.6. "I should have followed the recipe instead of relying on my own instincts."

4.7. "Should not have tried to make French Toast without a recipe."

4.8. "What should I do?"

4.8.1. "I must ask for help."

4.9. "Oh No!!

4.10. "Uh Oh

4.11. My mind went completely blank

4.12. I would get a dressing down from my mother.

4.13. Millions of thoughts catapulted through my mind

4.13.1. Uh oh! The house is on fire! I need to get help!

4.14. I should have watched the toast and now it is all my fault

4.15. "How I wish I had a fire extinguisher now, to extinguish the fire."

4.16. "Oh dear, what happened to the stove and why has it caught fire?"

4.17. My parents will definitely scold me if they find out about the mess I had made.

4.18. My parents will skin me alive if they found out about the mess.

4.19. This is so terrible!!

4.19.1. What an I going to do now?

4.20. How am I going to make the breakfast now???

4.21. I am in big big big big big trouble

4.22. Please God, I pray that I will not make a bigger mess.

4.23. "This stove is on fire!!!" I sang.

4.23.1. As I poured water on the stove, I prayed to God , hoping that the fire will eventually die down.

4.24. Should have read the instructions carefuly and be more patient

4.25. I am going to have to hear Mum's never ending berate

4.26. "Why did I do this?" I asked myself

4.26.1. Mother is definitely going to scold me. "Tok, Tokk,"I heard the key turning in the keyhole and the creaking of the door's hinges I was feeling terrible.

4.27. I am going to call the fire brigade!- Ryan