Post 6 Mid Game Mindset

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Post 6 Mid Game Mindset by Mind Map: Post 6 Mid Game Mindset

1. Intro

1.1. Knowing how to finish a game is crucial. Countless players struggle with translating a lead into a victory, so it's crucial to have the correct mindset when attempting to push a lead. After testing, we've found the most effective way to finish a game is to accelerate the pace by taking turrets and grouping with your team. In this guide we've be going over these ideas in depth as well as covering what to do if your team doesn't want to cooperate.

2. While Tier 1 Turrets are Up

2.1. The Assault and Battery Mindset

2.1.1. When you finally hit level 6 and get your ultimate you want to make use of it right away. Now that this point in the game has come your entire mind set needs to revolve around this ability and you need to play according to its power and lengthy cooldown. When it's up, be incrediably active and looking for opportunities. When it's down, be a bit more reserved and careful, farming with your eyes open for easy ganks.

2.2. Using and Capitalizing on Your Ultimate

2.2.1. If you're able to land a successful gank with your ultimate, which you should be: Look to take turret. This is the best thing you can do with Vi because it accelerates the game and opens up the map allowing her more room and freedom to make picks and control the game. This also allows your teammates to do the same.

2.2.2. If the gank was not successful or your laners died in the process This kind of sucks. All you can do is go back to farming with your eyes open for easy ganks, but be careful to gank without your ultimate unless you know where the enemy jungler is as it leaves you very exposed to counter ganks.

2.3. The Next Step

2.3.1. If you were able to take a turret following your gank, you should probably spend some time farming as your whole jungle will likely be up and, since your ultimate is down, it's a great time to farm. Obviously you don't want to just tunnel on farming and ignore easy kills, but you do want to prioritize farm during this time. Once you have farmed a few camps and maybe gone back to base (giving time for your ultimate to come off of cooldown), see if the lane you took the turret in will come and roam or group with you. If they do, you basically just want to do the same thing you just did. Look for an easy kill, take the turret, farm.

2.3.2. If, for whatever reason, you use your ultimate and you're not able to get a great kill or take a turret, you basically just have to wait and try again. The important thing here is that you think about what went wrong that time and try to fix it. This could mean going to another lane, choosing another target, using your abilities differently, anything. It's up to you to realize what faltered in the previous gank and fix it for future ganks. It's also even more important that play efficiently in the time following a failed gank. You've now spent precious time and resources and gotten nothing. This means that you need to farm up hard and only stop farming for 100% guaranteed kills.

3. Once Tier 1 Turrets are Destroyed

3.1. Once/if you've been able to destroy all of the enemy tier 1 turrets, this is when you want to group with your full team and try to take dragons, push turrets, or make picks. Try to communicate with your team that you want to group and do these things. Since you took all of their turrets, it's likely that you're ahead, so it's the perfect time to group and teamfight.

3.1.1. What should I prioritize from that list? Teamfighting/Making Picks This should be the #1 thing that you're looking for because it will naturally lead to the other things on this list. To do this, make sure that you're setting up wards and that you're together with your team. Dragon Dragon is second on this list solely because it's much easier to accomplish that taking tier 2 turrets. If you have all of their front turrets and you're ahead, it should be very easy to set up vision around Dragon and take it for free. This is also second on this list because it will often bait the enemy into a bad position and allow you to easily make picks. Turrets This is last on the list solely because it's very difficult to do without the other two...probably. It's possible that the enemy team just won't respond to you pushing a turret, but the other two options work whether the enemy is responding or not, so they are just slightly better options.

3.2. However, if you were able to take their turrets and your team doesn't want to group, you sort of have to fill a babysitting role for the team since they are likely to over extend in their own lanes and open themselves to ganks. Often it's just one person who doesn't want to group, and you can communicate to your team that you're going to stay with him to keep him safe while the other three members on the team push.

3.2.1. Often in LoL teammates don't want to group and just want to do their own thing. If you have one person who is doing this, try to "shadow" them. If they are pushing up into enemy territory and being out of position constantly, you can act as their safety net by waiting around them hidden and counterganking when the enemy tries to capitalize on that person being out of position. If the enemy team collapses on shadowed teammate Countergank as long as it's not too many people. Again, you should be ahead at this point, so any 2v2 should be winnable, but if it's more than that be careful and try to tell your other teammates to accomplish something. If they rather engage on your other grouped teammates They likely lose the fight, but you and shadowed teammate can push and take a turret.

3.2.2. It's important to note that, when shadowing a teammate like this, you can often stay hidden and countergank the enemy team when they try to collapse on your ally. However, be careful that you don't commit to a losing fight. If they send five people bottom, you just can't fight that and will have to leave your ally to die. This is when it's very important that the other three members of your team are putting pressure on the map. They should be able to take a turret if this happens. Another very similar scenario is that the enemy team collapses with 4-5 people onto your three members. If this happens, you can then easily take a turret with your ally, so it's not too terrible. Just try to communicate with your team that they should ward up and be ready to run if that happens.

4. Recap

4.1. Once you get your ultimate it's imperative that you start looking to take over the game with it. Look for lanes with similar characteristics as what we looked for in the early game. You can be a bit more liberal with those characteristics now that you have your ultimate, but they never hurt. If you're able to get a kill, take the turret then farm until your ultimate is off of cooldown and repeat. Then, once the enemy turrets are down, try to group up and teamfight.

5. Clips

5.1. Taking Turret

5.1.1. Exact Example Clip: RXXOO Original Game Clip: EEHYG

5.2. Just pushing down turret (no gank)

5.2.1. EEHYG 14:50 Game Time

5.3. Unfortunately we're a little low on clips for this one. If you have any clips of early grouping with your team or pushing turrets after ganks that would be great!

6. Video Creator Info

6.1. This strategy is something we've developed together through the meetings. It may not align perfectly with your own ideas for the game, but it's what we've deemed to be ideal in low ELO play.