Cyber Terrorism and Bullying

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Cyber Terrorism and Bullying by Mind Map: Cyber Terrorism and Bullying

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2. Bullying

2.1. cyber bullying is the convergence of cyberspace and bullying

2.2. Amanda todd

3. Terrorisom

3.1. cyber terrorism is the convergence of terrorism and cyberspace

3.2. cyber terrorism

4. Cyber terrorism and cyber Bullying have similarities in functioning and are doing the same job one way or other

5. Around 42% teenagers with internet access have reported cyber bullying

5.1. Bill C-13: The bill states that one who posts or distributes an image of another person without their consent would face an imprisonment up to 5 years in Canada

6. If bullying is hurting an individual or a family, terrorism is meant to hurt or destabilize a country.

7. A former US Secretary of defense, Leon E. Panetta stated that “cyber-attack perpetrated by nations states or violent extremists group could be as destructive as the terrorists attack on 9/11”

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