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Requirements by Mind Map: Requirements

1. Sizeable Impact of the work

1.1. Does the work solve an important problem

1.2. Does the work make a big change in the world

1.3. Does the work make a meaningful change in the world

2. My contribution is meaningful

2.1. I provide value

2.2. I am respected in the company

2.3. What I do matters

2.4. What I do has an impact that I find satisfying

3. Learning

3.1. Am I learning skills that are useful?

3.2. Am I learning things that I enjoy?

3.3. Am I surrounded by intelligent people

3.4. Am I surrounded by inspiring people

3.5. Am I surrounded by people I like

3.6. Am I surrounded by people with character

4. I can be creative

5. There is little tedious process/maintenance

6. An open, flat hierarchy

7. The work is challenging

8. Relative autonomy

8.1. Remote working

9. Honest "say it like it is" environment

10. The ideal: I would do it for free

11. Can take time off without fear/guilt

12. Work allows me to be a good friend and partner