Encountering the Enemy Jungler

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Encountering the Enemy Jungler by Mind Map: Encountering the Enemy Jungler

1. General Guidelines

1.1. Landing Your Q

1.1.1. Landing a fully charged Q is far and away the most important factor in whether or not you can win an early duel. A fully charged Q doubles the damage from a no charge one and adds .6 to the AD ratio. That's a HUGE difference, so, whether or not you're able to land that full damage will likely be the determining factor. If you see a Jungler you want to fight, try landing a Q on him out of a brush or over a wall where he can't see you so that he can't dodge it. You can also slow him down with your Chilling Smite if you have that to make it easier to land. These tips apply to pretty much anytime you are Qing someone, but I figured they should be mentioned here anyway.

1.2. Auto Resets

1.2.1. The second most important thing in a duel is to reset your auto attacks perfectly. It's very important that immediately upon engaging the enemy you Auto, E, Auto, E. If you're not doing this you're not likely to win any duel. As a side note, you can also use your Q as an auto attack reset if you're not able to charge it up for full damage. You simply auto, tap Q, then auto again. This is only suggested if you're already in the middle of a fight, otherwise you really want to be opening with it.

1.3. Video Creator Info

1.3.1. Play out clips of duels in the background when you're saying these things and lay text over it.

1.3.2. For some of the combos like auto e auto e or auto q auto show a slowed down clip of the combo while you're talking about it. Preferably on an actual champion.

2. Introduction

2.1. A lot of low ELO players don't know how to react when they see the enemy Jungler. Can I fight him? Can he kill me? Should I run? These are important questions. Knowing your limits and which fights you can win can lead to a huge lead. So, in this guide we'll be talking about some general rules for dealing with the enemy jungler early as well as how you should play out some specific matchups.

2.2. Video Creator Info

2.2.1. This should just be said over our intro to Vi screen you've been provided with.

3. Specific Matchups

3.1. Pre 6

3.1.1. Video Creator Info Just put these in categories on the slide and have the image of the champion there. You could maybe do a vignette to highlight different sections while you talk about them. Feel free to give little snippets of information about the different matchups, but keep it REALLY SHORT.

3.1.2. Uncommon Matchups Easy If you see this Jungler alone and know that no teammate will help him, feel free to engage him with a fully charged Q. Hard If you are able to get the jump on this champion with a full Q then you might consider going in. Especially look out for if they've recently used an ability (maybe on scuttle crab or a camp) as that will make things easier. Otherwise, though, it's probably best to just let them be as it's not worth the risk unless they are lower health than you. Impossible ABORT. Unsure Jarvan Shyvana Shaco Warwick Zac Need help here if you know.

3.1.3. More Common Matchups Nidalee Lee Sin Amumu Xin Zhao Master Yi Rek'Sai Gragas Video Creator Info These ones will be tested out and given a bit more information. Feel free to spend 20ish seconds talking about 1-2 tips for dueling this champion.

3.2. Post 6

3.2.1. Vi's ultimate gives her dueling power a huge boost, but at this point in the game it's very difficult to comment on matchups due to the varying power that champions might have at this point in time based on the game. Sure, if you're 3/0 you can kill the 0/3 Lee Sin, but you'll get smashed in the reverse situation. Anyway, once you get your ultimate you really want to be using it to gank, not to duel or solo kill the enemy Jungler.

4. Additional Notes

4.1. We should test out every matchup in a custom and take a video of it. This could take a long time, though, so maybe just with the most popular Junglers, and we could also put 5 people on the other team so we don't have to make a ton of games.

4.1.1. Let's just test these most common matchups at level 3 with double buffs and full hp. Be sure to record the fights and use them in the video. Xin Zhao Rek'Sai Master Yi Lee Sin Amumu Nidalee