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1.1. Final DEADLINE AUGUST 5th

1.2. Draft Deadline

1.3. Submission Deadline

2. Positions

2.1. Editor

2.2. Revisor

2.3. Page or Theme Designer

2.3.1. works on creating a general template design for the zine to follow, creating a smooth flow and transition

2.4. Reciever

2.4.1. the one who will take the submitted pages and put them together

2.5. Topic Heads

2.5.1. preferably, someone will be in charge of each topic and will monitor progress, etc

2.6. Content Creators

2.6.1. create individual content for topic/sub topic

3. Topics & Sub Topics

3.1. Music

3.1.1. Spot Light

3.1.2. Playlists

3.1.3. Discussion/Opinion

3.2. Arts

3.2.1. Artists

3.2.2. DIY

3.2.3. Featured Arts

3.3. Fashion

3.4. Creative Writing

3.4.1. Featured poetry, interviews, writing, etc

3.5. Entertainment

3.5.1. astrology

3.5.2. recipes

4. People

4.1. "Name" "URL"

4.1.1. "position or task assigned here"

4.2. Eli, cacti-prick

4.2.1. "position or task assigned here"

5. General To Do List

5.1. Create Plan

5.2. Assign Tasks

5.3. Create content

5.4. "Design" Zine, Theme

5.5. Form fit content

5.6. Form fit pages

5.7. Ready first draft

5.8. Review, edit

5.9. Prepare for Final deadline and submission

6. Topic Heads To Do List

6.1. Organize into your group

6.2. Arrange means of direct contact with each member

6.3. Work out a submission plan and deadline with your group (within the general direction of the deadlines found under DATES)

6.4. Check on members frequently, help them keep their progress on track

6.5. Start receiving submissions from the content creators

6.6. Gather all submissions before Submission Deadline "x" and submit to the final cache (TBDL)

7. CURRENT TO-DO LIST (Planning Phase)

7.1. Check out the map, read sticky notes to find more information. Check out other documents after.

7.2. Add suggestions

7.3. Sign up for tasks and positions

7.4. Use Sticky Notes and comments to add opinions, suggestions, dissuasion, etc on things.