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future of online learning by Mind Map: future of online learning
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future of online learning

single account

PKM personal knowledge management = personally making sense of it all PLE personal learning environment = customizable, owned by learner

fully networked


owned by account holder

sharing abilities

can teach and learn

can start / join / leave informal learning groups

can apply for enrolment in an institutional account

can start a school (.org / .com)



institutional account

LMS learning management system VLE virtual learning environment  

can create new individual accounts

can enrol existing accounts

"enroled" accounts can't be deleted by students

fully-featured edu20-school

pricing according to the premium plans

informal groups

learning circles

can be started by individual accounts

can be started by collaborating schools

any level, starting from two individuals cooperating




collections of resources cc in education

legal issues

different laws applicable in different nations

using media outside walled communities

cc licence for special resources?

lousy, but can be dealt with