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9th grade physical science by Mind Map: 9th grade physical science
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9th grade physical science

I can't figure out how to remove this note :0

state standards


matter, conserved!

energy, conserved!





designs are dependent on values of society

"doing" science

successfully communicating ideas

reliability of data

unit consistancy

creating models- assessing their strengths and limitations

communicate justify and defend procedures

connections to other disciplines and society

science drives technology which drives science

physical systems

+ and - to different system of generating energy

concept of whole different from sum of parts

system feedback

inputs and outputs, relationships to other systems

future science classes

how to ask questions

lab skills

dimensional analysis

awareness of units

cooperative learning

answer higher order questions

critical thinking and problem solving


skills to be lifelong learners

critical thinking

problem solving



time management


standardized tests (MCA II)

data interpretation

ability to pick out important information

technical reading

motivation to do well

be able to answer scenario based questions

Answer higher order questions

predict, explain, hypothesis, give evidence for, relate, experiment

biology content

college entrance exams

data interpretation

technical reading

ability to recognize important information

my goals

see the relevance of science in life

see that science can be fun

realize ability to be successful in science