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ELL Programs by Mind Map: ELL Programs

1. Content-based English as a second language

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. Is a program for learning English as the same time the academic content. It is based in the proficiency of English for math, science, social studies and language arts.

1.2. Objectives

1.2.1. All instruction in given in English

1.2.2. The native language can be used to clarify a determinate concept

1.2.3. English is taught trough reading,math, social studies, science and language arts

1.2.4. Lessons include controlled vocabulary according to the student´s level

1.3. Teaching techniques

1.3.1. Use a lot of visuals to reinforce the content learning

1.3.2. Use a vocabulary level according to the ESL student (avoid idioms or local expressions)

1.3.3. If it´s possible, use the student´s native language to clarify some doubts and repeat it after in English

2. ESL Pull out

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. Is a program which is focused on learning English for daily life despite the academic content

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. Proficiency in English for information and understanding

2.2.2. Proficiency in English for literacy response, enjoyment and expressions

2.2.3. Proficiency in English for critical analysis and evaluation

2.2.4. Proficiency in English for classroom and social interaction

2.2.5. Proficiency in English for cross-cultural knowledge and understanding

2.3. Teaching techniques

2.3.1. Use brainstorming or working groups as much as possible

2.3.2. Analyze news, books or videos and discuss them later if it´s possible in groups.

2.3.3. Prepare cultural inmersions such as country project or similar and explain it to the classrom

2.4. Example of ESL classroom


3. Interesting resources for teachers