BW/Incoterms, 4th step

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BW/Incoterms, 4th step by Mind Map: BW/Incoterms, 4th step

1. Groups

1.1. They are devided ...

1.2. ..into 4 groups

1.2.1. E-group ex works

1.2.2. F-group fob

1.2.3. C-group cif

1.2.4. D-group ddp

2. 5th step

3. 4th step

3.1. "They are devided into 4 groups.

3.2. First of all, there is the E-group...

3.3. ..followed by the F-group...

3.4. then there is the C-group, and...

3.5. the end there is the D-group."