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Lyric-Writing by Mind Map: Lyric-Writing

1. Generate Themes/Ideas

1.1. MIND MAP on mindmeister


1.1.2. Using associations, connections and triggers to stimulate further ideas.

1.1.3. Extracting ideas from the mind, structuring ideas, organizing ideas visually (adding pictures)

1.1.4. Time consuming (the option of visual aids/emoticons)

1.1.5. Ability to input vast amount of information - could cause confusion

1.2. Choose a topic/object

1.3. TEACHER PLANNING :Create a template and scaffold the mind map (Using the 5 common senses or use the What,Where,How,Who,Why questions)

1.4. REFER TO THIS TEMPLATE or they can make their own

1.5. ACTIVITY: Students will collaborate in their group to work around the template

1.6. Students are encouraged to use,, and (for Students with English as their second language)

2. Creating Verses/Choruses

2.1. PRODUCING LYRICS using Poem Generator


2.1.2. Gives the student a basic concept of a lyric

2.1.3. Unfiltered, lyrics might not be appropriate, gibberish (dependent)

2.2. Students can pick and choose words they would like in their song

2.3. Easy to use, students can alter the format of the 'poem'

3. Sharing/Finalizing the lyrics

3.1. SHARING on linoit


3.1.2. Accessible online, "PostNote" board, free (compared to Padlet)

3.1.3. Unfiltered content, Peers can be critical (administered by the teacher)

3.2. Sharing platform for extended ideas/comments/feedback (Teacher input)

3.3. Vote & choose the best lyrics

4. The process of Lyric-Writing

4.1. ORGANISING/COMMUNICATION using GoogleDoc & Email


4.1.2. Accessible online (digital form) Uploading data/info Communicating outside of schools No cost

4.1.3. Email: Unfiltered content, Students may go off-task Inappropriate comments

4.1.4. GoogleDoc :Save automatically. Altered info might not be easily retrieved.

4.2. Noting down or communicating initial ideas

4.3. Allow students to work outside of class