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Trust by Mind Map: Trust

1. 5 Steps to Develop Trust

1.1. 1. Engage (The client begins to feel there is an issue and the person is worth talking to about that issue.)

1.1.1. Uses Language of interest and concern I've been thinking about your competitors and... You've been telling me about...

1.1.2. Skills Required Being credibly noticed

1.1.3. Value trigger that gets them to talk to you so you can listen.

1.2. 2. Listen (acknowledge and affirm.)

1.2.1. Uses Language of understanding or empathy Tell me more about... What's behind that... Gosh that must feel...

1.2.2. Skills Required Empathy

1.3. 3. Frame (State the root issue clearly and openly.)

1.3.1. Uses Language of perspective and candor You know what's tough to do here is... I see three key themes emerging here...

1.3.2. Skills Required Creative insight Emotional courage

1.4. 4. Invision (A vision of an alternative reality is sketched out, generated clarity of objectives.)

1.4.1. What are we aiming for, What will it look like when we get there? How will we know we are there? (Future State) Aim High or Manage down to what is achievable The client begins to understand the true goals and defines them to realistically be committed to achieving them. (The benefits of the future state may not be worth the effort.)

1.4.2. Uses Language of possibility Wouldn't it be great if...

1.4.3. Skills Required Collaboration Creativity

1.5. 5. Commit (steps are agreed upon and a sense of commitment is renewed.)

1.5.1. Manage expectations to understand what it will take to solve the problem.

1.5.2. Uses Language of joint exploration What would it take for each of us to...

1.5.3. Skills Required Ability to generate enthusiasum and sometimes manage down over enthusiasum

2. Trust Equation

2.1. Trust = (Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy) / Self Orientation

2.1.1. Credibility = Words (I can trust what he says about…)

2.1.2. Reliability = Actions (I can trust her to…)

2.1.3. Intimacy = Emotions (I feel comfortable discussing this.)

2.1.4. Self Orientation = Emotives (I can trust that he cares about…)

2.2. Credibility = Perceived Trust + Perceived Expertise (from BJ Fogg).