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LENS by Mind Map: LENS

1. front (spa)

1.1. front bundle wrapped in gem repo (rails engine?)

1.2. acceptance testing flow

1.3. github oauth

1.4. basic use cases

1.4.1. registration

1.4.2. application list

1.4.3. create application

1.4.4. view application get tokens from server write setup instruction example.yml with default settings diagram/graph (newrelic-like) play with d3 table (controller#action)

1.4.5. manage app members select box with autocomplete (list all users from db)

2. client (gem)

2.1. api specification

3. server (api)

3.1. token generation

3.1.1. Dependencies

3.1.2. Milestones

3.2. applicaton CRUD

3.2.1. members CRUD

4. infrastructure/support

4.1. Docker container

5. general

5.1. brainstorm about UX (take a look at skylight, newrelic, etc)