Adventure Playgrounds Meeting #2

Second meeting of the Adventure Playground YHZ group

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Adventure Playgrounds Meeting #2 by Mind Map: Adventure Playgrounds Meeting #2

1. Participants

1.1. Alex

1.2. Jillian

1.3. Sally

1.4. Jon

1.5. Allison

1.6. Shitangshu

1.7. Dean

2. Agenda

2.1. Review meeting 1

2.2. Whats next

2.3. Storytelling and Governance

2.4. Kick around some ideas

3. Other Playgrounds

3.1. Toronto


3.2. Richmond BC


4. Action Items

4.1. Alex to make a list of Pros and Cons of what works elsewhere with respect to governance

4.2. Jillian to look into mutual connections w/ Tool Library folks

4.3. Jillian will start looking into spaces and making pros and cons lists

4.4. Shitangsu will look into regulations on playgrounds

4.5. We need to recruit a few more ppl to spread out the work

4.6. Allison to look into Nocturne submission process

4.7. Jon to figure out a website and hosting option for the next few months

5. Discussion

5.1. Governance

5.1.1. Cooperative Society

5.1.2. Rusty at the Anarchy Zone (american & UK folks Suzanna _____

5.2. Recap on what an Adventure playground is

5.2.1. Reviewed notes from last meeting and output from submissions

5.2.2. Distillation of everyones submission: "An outdoor place where children create, build and play in their own environment."

5.2.3. Discussion on where to have the space

5.2.4. Pop ups few months to organise $200 Do a series of them?

6. Documents

6.1. Meeting 1 notes

6.2. Elevator pitch Summaries

7. Ideas and Challenges

7.1. Skype remote resources into meetings

7.2. Get a fixed amount of stuff

7.2.1. Used tires

7.2.2. Woods

7.2.3. Cardboard boxes

7.2.4. Bails of hay

7.2.5. Pipes

7.2.6. Rental Vehicle

7.2.7. BUT WHERE TO STORE THEM? Need a storage solution

7.3. Speak with the Tool Library

7.4. Look into Ford Needham?

7.5. Someone needs to research the regulations on playgrounds

7.6. Nocturne Pop up

7.6.1. Side of citadel hill?

7.6.2. Waterfront? Volleyball area?

7.6.3. Think ahead and have a hastag and central digital locale to drive back to

7.7. Nova Scotia Power is clearing sites

7.7.1. Get the stuff off the land?

7.8. Noggins Farm at Halloween

7.9. Talk to common roots?

7.9.1. Jillian