Synchronize & Update GVS Accounts

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Synchronize & Update GVS Accounts by Mind Map: Synchronize & Update GVS Accounts

1. Class of 2017 disabled

2. Students- Directory enabled (Tech)

2.1. Get list of new students from Admissions (Blackbaud)

2.1.1. Change generic student password Update FinalSite Accounts (New Students) Check usernames & test logins Update Google Apps (New Students) (Grades 2-8) Check usernames & test logins Make sure US Students have full last names Make sure LS students have last name initial only Create 5th Grade passwords Update Follett Patrons (New Students) (Grades K-8) Checking usernames & Test Logins

2.2. Give new first graders accounts

2.3. Disable students not returning and graduating

3. Alumni (Nancy, Liz)

3.1. Get list of new alumni from Raiser's edge

3.1.1. Input alumni into FinalSite Create logins Test eNotify Link

4. Faculty (Tech)

4.1. disable departing faculty accounts

4.2. Get list of new faculty / staff

4.2.1. Add new faculty to AD

4.2.2. Other non-returners disabled

4.2.3. Update finalsite accounts Add to mailprotector Test email and login Class and roster uploads Test grade book access with Cathy Test logins & group spaces (After class & roster uploads) Test logins and group page access Test eNotify Link

4.3. Update name changes in AD (aliases?)

4.3.1. Update Follett patrons Test login

4.3.2. Test logins Test access to files from maiden names

5. Parents (Liz)

5.1. 5th Grade AppleIDs (Not done for '16-'17)

5.1.1. Notify parents Bulk create accounts get passwords from parents

5.2. Get list of parents from Raisers' Edge

5.2.1. Upload parents to FinalSite Test logins and group page access Test eNotify Link Upload new constituents to Blackboard Connect

5.2.2. Upload new constituents to Blackboard Connect