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English Language Dictionary by Mind Map: English Language Dictionary

1. Beamish - \BEE-mish\

1.1. adjective 1. bright, cheerful, and optimistic.

2. Spondulicks - \spon-DOO-liks\

2.1. noun 1. Older Slang. money; cash.

3. Intenerate - \in-TEN-uh-reyt\

3.1. verb 1. to make soft or tender; soften.

4. Gibber - \JIB-er, GIB-\

4.1. verb 1. to speak inarticulately or meaninglessly. 2. to speak foolishly; chatter.

5. Nonevent - \non-i-VENT\

5.1. noun 1. an occurrence of only superficial interest or content; a dull or insignificant occasion. 2. an event or situation that is anticipated but does not occur or occurs with much less than the expected impact, especially one that has been widely publicized; anticlimax.

6. Cantillate - \KAN-tl-eyt\

6.1. verb 1. to chant; intone.

7. Pepper-upper - \PEP-er-UHP-er\

7.1. noun 1. Informal. something, as a food, beverage, or pill, that provides a quick but temporary period of energy and alertness. 2. Informal. something added to food to relieve blandness.

8. Globular - \GLOB-yuh-ler\

8.1. adjective 1. globe-shaped; spherical. 2. composed of or having globules.

9. Funambulist - \fyoo-NAM-byuh-list\

9.1. noun 1. a tightrope walker.

10. Fabular - \FAB-yuh-ler\

10.1. adjective 1. of or pertaining to a story, novel, or the like written in the form of a fable.

11. Panoply - \PAN-uh-plee\

11.1. noun 1. a wide-ranging and impressive array or display: the dazzling panoply of the maharaja's procession; the panoply of European history. 2. a complete suit of armor.

12. From other languages

12.1. Brogue - \brohg\

12.1.1. noun 1. an Irish accent in the pronunciation of English. 2. any strong regional accent

12.2. Mal de mer - \mal duh MER\

12.2.1. noun 1. French. seasickness.

13. Old language

13.1. Amain - \uh-MEYN\

13.1.1. adverb 1. Archaic. with full force. 2. Archaic. at full speed.

13.2. Forsooth - \fawr-SOOTH\

13.2.1. adverb 1. Archaic. (now used in derision or to express disbelief) in truth; in fact; indeed.

14. Mental

14.1. Collywobbles - \KOL-ee-wob-uhlz\

14.1.1. noun 1. Informal. a feeling of fear, apprehension, or nervousness. 2. Informal. intestinal cramps or other intestinal disturbances.

14.2. Dysphemism - DIS-fuh-miz-uhm\

14.2.1. noun 1. the substitution of a harsh, disparaging, or unpleasant expression for a more neutral one. 2. an expression so substituted.

14.3. Formication - fawr-mi-KEY-shuhn\

14.3.1. noun 1. A tactile hallucination involving the belief that something is crawling on the body or under the skin.

14.4. Paramnesia - \par-am-NEE-zhuh\

14.4.1. noun 1. Psychiatry. a distortion of memory in which fact and fantasy are confused. 2. the inability to recall the correct meaning of a word.

15. Nature

15.1. Anthesis - \an-THEE-sis\

15.1.1. noun 1. Botany. the period or act of expansion in flowers, especially the maturing of the stamens.

15.2. Oology - \oh-OL-uh-jee\

15.2.1. noun 1. the branch of ornithology that studies birds' eggs.

16. Social

16.1. Boodle - \BOOD-l\

16.1.1. noun 1. the lot, pack, or crowd: Send the whole boodle back to the factory. 2. a large quantity of something, especially money: He's worth a boodle.

16.2. Magniloquent - \mag-NIL-uh-kwuhnt\

16.2.1. adjective 1. Lofty or grandiose in speech or expression; using a high-flown style of discourse; bombastic.

16.3. Malarkey - \muh-LAHR-kee\

16.3.1. noun 1. Informal. speech or writing designed to obscure, mislead, or impress; bunkum: The claims were just a lot of malarkey.

16.4. Momism - \MOM-iz-uhm\

16.4.1. noun 1. excessive adulation of the mother and undue dependence on maternal care or protection, resulting in absence or loss of maturity and independence.

17. Career

17.1. Furtherance - \FUR-ther-uhns\

17.1.1. noun 1. the act of furthering; promotion; advancement

18. Sciences

18.1. Dendrochronology - den-droh-kruh-NOL-uh-jee\

18.1.1. noun 1. the science dealing with the study of the annual rings of trees in determining the dates and chronological order of past events.

19. Salient - sā′lē-ənt, sāl′yənt

19.1. adjective 1. Strikingly conspicuous; prominent. See Synonyms at noticeable. 2. Projecting or jutting beyond a line or surface; protruding: The bell tower is the most salient feature on campus. 3. Springing; jumping: salient tree toads. noun. 1. A military position that projects into the position of the enemy. 2. A projecting angle or part.