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Increasing Community Involvement by Mind Map: Increasing Community Involvement
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Increasing Community Involvement

Let's use our community to the best of our abilities :)



E-mail List Serve


Schools can use bi-weekly newsletters, monthly newsletter, or possibly weekly newsletters

School TV Station

Radio Station

Community members who may not be able to get out of their homes may still be able connect with the schools and following and listening to the extra-curricular activities on the radio.


A lot of work, but just calling our students parents and making them aware of their child's behavior and upcoming events in which they can get involved.  

Door to Door

With unlimited extra-curricular activities at our school, their programs need to make money so they go out into the community and sell their fundraising product. A great way to connect with community and make them aware of upcoming events at RAHS.  It could be given to them on a 1/2 sheet of paper or provide them with the school website address where they can access all the events.      



Fundraising Events

Community Carnival

A community carnival put on by students and staff that invites the community to play games, have fun, and interact with each other.  

Extra-curriculuar activities

Senior Citizen Events

Early Childhood Development

In-Depth Service Learning Projects

Bring the school to the community-sponsored events.  

Using Resources

Guest Speaker in classroom

Invite people from the community to talk about certain topics

Booths at Events

Invite local companies

Volunteer Opportunities

Brochures Available

Culturally Sensitive

Physical Environment


Awareness of cultural norms/traditions


Parent teacher organization

School board



Make connections with local businesses.  For example, for our Physical Education 12 class, we have built a good relationship with County Cycles in Roseville where they come and maintenance all 40 of our bikes 3x a year at No Charge.  

Prevention and Safety

Local Government

What happens to our schools when there is a lack of community involvement in schools?