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Foundations of Education Example by Mind Map: Foundations of Education Example
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Foundations of Education Example

Politics of Education



History of Education

Reform Movement

Historical Interpretation

Sociology of Education

Relationship between School and Society

Three Effects of Schooling on Individuals

Educational Inequality

Use this area to note down the titles / contents of each sitting. You can attach all your notes in the form of a Word document to the respective topic, or you can take all your notes in a new mind map and link to this map from the respective topic.

Sociological Explanations of Unequal Achievement

School Centered Explanation

Philosophy of Education

Generic Notions

Key Researchers

Goal of Education

Role of the Teacher


Method of Instruction

Schools as Organizations


Comparison to One Country

Curriculum & Pedagogy

Historical Curriculum Theory

Sociological Curriculum Theory

Equality of Opportunity

Educational Achievement & Attainment

Response to the Coleman Study

School Reform

School-based reforms

Societal, community, economic, or political reforms