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Opening Day by Mind Map: Opening Day

1. Student Anxiety

1.1. Peers

1.2. Fear of failure

1.3. Within the first week try to meet with each student one on one

2. Rules

2.1. Get student input on their class rules

2.1.1. Pass etiquette

2.1.2. Assignment due dates

2.2. Create an environment where respectful exchange of ideas may take place

2.2.1. One person speaking at a time

2.2.2. Free to disagree, but must respect the ideas of others

3. Textbooks

3.1. Make sure to have the textbook number recorded for each student

3.2. Look for any damages in the books

4. Assigned Seating

4.1. Make sure student can see and hear from where they are seated

4.1.1. Make adjustments in seating where necessary

4.2. Find out if there are any legitimate concerns about those seated near each other

4.2.1. Find out from previous teachers if there have been any prior difficulties between students.