Network Etiquette in the Online Classroom

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Network Etiquette in the Online Classroom by Mind Map: Network Etiquette in the Online Classroom

1. Topics to Consider

1.1. Implications of not using proper netiquette.

1.2. Rules to netiquette.

1.3. Understanding how to interact online safely and successfully.

2. Important facts

2.1. "Be Professional. Your coursework is more than learning facts; you are preparing for a career. You are learning to interact with your fellow course participants as you would in your future professional life. Your conduct should reflect this" (Gutierrez).

2.2. "network etiquette is the conventional practices that make the INTERNET usable. More than just politeness, netiquette involves fundamental respect for the rights of other users who are helping pay the cost of running the network." (Downing)

2.3. "The more aware you are of online course etiquette, and the more you use it, you more success you will have in your online academic work."("Using Online Course Etiquette to Succeed in Online Classes -")

2.4. It is easy to have miscommunication, not be able to understand, or elaborate further via online communication.

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4. Main Questions

4.1. What is netiquette?

4.2. Why is netiquette important to an online classroom?

4.3. How to apply netiquette to your everyday classroom?

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6. Thesis: Due to the limitations of an online classroom, it’s important to know what netiquette is, why it’s important, and how to apply it in everyday classroom.