Israeli Security System

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Israeli Security System by Mind Map: Israeli Security System

1. Organization

1.1. Knesset

1.1.1. Parliamentary supervision Intelligence and Secret Services Subcommittee Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

1.1.2. Security forces Knesset Guard

1.2. Prime Minister’s Office

1.2.1. Subdivisions Council / Commissions National Security Council of Israel Atomic Energy Commission Israel Institute for Biological Research National Economic Council Secret Services Agenicies Mossad Shabak Nativ Lekem Center for Political Research Institutions Lapam La’am Israel Central Bureau of Statistics Israel State Archive Minhelet Sela Ministries Pensioner Affairs Minister of Israel Committees Government Appellation Committee

1.2.2. Ministry of Defence (MOD) Structure Home Front Defense Ministry Rahel Maf'at Sibat Malmab Matpash Api Defense Establishment Comptroller Unit Abtam Malam Emun Melakh Manhar Nakhtal Tank program Directorate Defense Social branch Fund and Unit for Discharged Soldiers Department of Families and Remembrance Disabled Rehabilitation Division Israel Defense Forces IDF Structure

1.2.3. Security Forces Police Intelligence branch of the Israeli Police Israeli Border Police Israel Police Civil Guard Israel Prison Service

1.2.4. Emergency Services Home Front Command Magen David Adom Israel Fire and Rescue Services

2. structure

2.1. Israeli Intelligence Community

2.2. Resources

2.2.1. Israeli Special Forces Combat Engineering Corps Sayeret Yahalom Combat Intelligence Collection Corps Special forces detachments belonging to the Corps Other units Maglan LOTAR Eilat

2.2.2. SIŁY ZBROJNE W WALCE Z TERRORYZMEM temat Izrael tezy historyczne ujęcie kierunki data Counterterrorism Defense industry of Israel Intelligence IDF Special Forces Terror x