Christian Morality

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Christian Morality by Mind Map: Christian Morality

1. Morality vs Christian Morality

1.1. Morality: common code of conduct

1.2. Christian Morality: following Jesus daily as one of His disciples and doing as He did

2. Showed to us in the ***Sacred Scriptures and Tradition of the Church

2.1. Bound closely together because of origin, formation, & purpose

2.2. Make up the single sacred deposit of the word of God

3. Q: "What should I do?" A: FOLLOW CHRIST

3.1. Following Christ in a world of lights and shadows present in society and in ourselves and Loving as He did is the only way to being truly happy and free

3.1.1. The rich young man refused to give up his possessions and this is why he went away sad. He refused to be of loving service to his less fortunate brothers and sisters and this was why he could not enter the Kingdom of God


4. How do we apply it?

4.1. Interpreting society's problems today in a Christian perspective

4.2. Being in loving service to others

4.3. Whenever given the chance, choose the side of the Light and take a stand

5. The rich young man

5.1. Was lacking a sense of fulfillment and purpose because he valued something empty and fleeting (possessions) over something that would make him truly free and happy (being in loving service)

5.2. As people, we want to be good and be recognized for it. This is why we approach Jesus to ask what we should do in order to become who we should be

6. Entails being true to our relationship with God

6.1. "Why do you ask me about the good, when there is only ONE who is good?"

6.1.1. Young man's question is a universal question within all people's relationship with God.

6.1.2. We become aware that the core of human happiness, is God, the absolute Good.

6.2. Doing good is not just following rules, it is about the genuinity of our relationship with God

6.2.1. God is love, and created us in His image and likeness, so we are also made of love, and called to love others

6.3. God is BOTH the source and norm of goodness (dont write that though bc Ms Lazo said HS)

6.3.1. Because he loved us first

6.3.2. Our own capacity to do good comes from Him

6.3.3. Because He sustains us.

6.3.4. Saved us from our self-centeredness and death through Christ's Paschal Mystery

6.3.5. Strengthens us with the gift of the Holy Spirit

6.3.6. ***We must be good because we are grateful for God's goodness

6.4. When we want to change for the better, God's grace helps us and through this, we experience his compassion, forgiveness, and love.

6.4.1. Our capacity to love and forgive comes from our experience of God.

6.5. Goodness is not something we decide upon, it has been shown to us through God's loving action in our lives

7. Entails keeping the commandments

7.1. Jesus told the young man to keep the commandments

7.1.1. He was trying to make the man see the connection between our salvation and God's Law Relates love directly to the commandments

7.2. God wants us to find the path to true happiness and freedom

7.2.1. Only attainable by loving Him and loving our Neighbor (division of the commandments) It is the foundation of freedom and happiness

7.3. They are the clearest and simplest norms of human good

8. Is following Christ

8.1. Conclusion of "The Rich Young Man"

8.1.1. He was unable to give up his possessions

8.1.2. Compare rich young man to Disciples who left their families and nets to follow Christ

8.1.3. Jesus is inviting him to live a life of commitment and wanted him to detach from what hindered him from following Him.

8.2. Follow Him with your lights and shadows

8.2.1. We can let our self centeredness die with the help of the Holy Spirit's grace.

8.2.2. Only by letting our self centeredness die can we be of loving service to God and our neighbors.

8.3. In the Gospel , we see that Christ through the Holy Spirit is the source of grace we need to be truly happy and free i loving service to others

8.4. Everyday in our thoughts, actions, choices, and words