KoBold Project Management Special Interest Group

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KoBold Project Management Special Interest Group by Mind Map: KoBold Project Management Special Interest Group

1. Aim

2. Approach

3. Rules of Engagement

4. PMSIG Program

5. Conveners

5.1. Peter Brown

5.2. Phil Rokic

6. Library

6.1. Process Library

6.2. Tools

6.2.1. Plans & Strategies Proj Mgt Plan Implementation Mgt Plan Governance Plan Communication Plan Transition Plan Quality Plan Delivery Plan HR Plan Procurement

6.2.2. Specifications

6.2.3. Integration tools Artefact relationship schema Integrated life cycle

6.2.4. Registers Risk Issue Change Request Decision

6.2.5. Test

6.2.6. Acceptance tools

6.2.7. Architecture

6.2.8. Design

6.2.9. Requirements

6.2.10. Risk

6.2.11. Issue

6.2.12. Configuration

6.2.13. Change Control Management

6.2.14. Budget

6.2.15. Procurement Business Case Contracts Purchase Orders

6.2.16. Reports Exception Post Implementation Review/ Benefits Realisation Progress Team Lead

6.3. Standards

6.4. Articles

6.4.1. KoBold PMSIG Newsletters

6.4.2. Others (e.g.., IEAust, SEI, INCOSE, etc)

6.4.3. KoBold PMSIG presentations and case studies

7. Blogs