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What do users want to know? by Mind Map: What do users want
to know?
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What do users want to know?

what it is and how it works

What can it do for me?

How does operate

What is

What is naclys?

What is

What it cannot do, and links to other solutions

how to use it

Installation instructions

Usage instructions

General workflow

How to prepare a file for submitting

How to submit a job

What result will I get?

What are credits and how to get them

How to participate in rendering

How to solve specific problems

FAQ this eventually should dissolve into categorized topics, because plain FAQ is a messy place.

Topic for asking help. only unanswered topics should stay there. Andswered ones should find their place in categorized topics.

General policy of maintaining documentation

Maximum self-organization!

Having more moderators/maintainers/updaters and such., Trying to assign active users some responsibilities, say, after 10 posts (according to their favourite topics), Ability to move topics for reliable users, Ability to mark questions as answered, Encouraging active submitters by credits?

Clear structure - less doubts where to post what

#1 = Easy to find answers

Easy to get answers

Users must be notified when their questions are answered.

making it fun someday? This mindmapping IS fun, but how to use it? is great, but read-only... is also fun in some way.