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My PLN by Mind Map: My PLN
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Collaborating with others in my profession online will expand my resource circle greatly.

Google Docs



I need easy ways to communicate with other teachers and professionals in my field.



Publish and Share

I too have to publish and share my ideas and findings, to create a two way street of sharing. I can use blogging, twitter, facebook, etc. to share my findings.

Follow Blogs and News

By following education related blogs and keeping up with news I can always stay informed. I can also easily learn about new blogs with lists such the one below, listing tops blogs for teachers.

Google Reader

Find answers and Read

It is my responsiblity to find answer to questions I have in my learning. Professional development and communicating with those around me won't always be enough. Using tools to find answers will keep me informed and always learning.


Read New Books

Follow Colleauges

One of the quickest ways to follow new ideas amongst my colleagues is with social media sites.



Learn New Tools


Voice Thread

Wall Wisher

Screen Jelly

White Board


Slide Share