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Presentation for 10th & 22nd Sept & 14th Oct (Prezi v3) by Mind Map: Presentation for
10th & 22nd Sept &
14th Oct (Prezi v3)
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Presentation for 10th & 22nd Sept & 14th Oct (Prezi v3)

Examples - Evaluation of findings to date (the outcomes and Impact)




Student Voice

Tutor group

Extra Curricula



Yr 9s teaching yr 5s


Video tutorial showing how easy it is to set up

Video tutorial giving overview of elgg??????? - created by student?

Context (from AMB)

What were our initial thoughts/objectives

Why did we choose social networking

What was the focus

stduent engagement

3,4 or 5 objectives - tryig to develop from begining

Rationale (from AMB)

Comfortable environment

Co-sonstructed/student powerbase

Aspiration - engage stduents in learning, school life and general social skills

Community Cohesion agenda/engage local community

Engage across schools

we modelled this in our action research

Good place for co-construction as kids can contribute as they are confident with the medium

Genuine voice in a medium they undertand

They can set agendas and take ownership