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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Forest Soil

1.1. Forest soil is found all over the eastern part of the USA

2. Tropical Soil

2.1. Tropical soil is found near California

3. Desert Soil

3.1. Desert soil is found in the western part of the world

4. Grassland Soil

4.1. Grassland Soil is found in the middle of the world

5. is made of

5.1. organic matter

5.1.1. nutrients

5.1.2. made of

5.2. weathered rocks

5.2.1. clay

5.2.2. sand

5.2.3. silt

6. needs water

6.1. needs planted in healthy dirt.

6.1.1. soil can be found in different countries

7. nitrogen

7.1. the chemical element of atomic number 7

8. phosphours

8.1. a synthetic fluorescent or phosphorescent substance

9. potassium

9.1. the chemical element of atomic number 19

10. Description: The upper area of earth in which plants grow.