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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Is Made of...

1.1. Weathered Rocks

1.1.1. Sand, Clay, Silt, and Rocks.

2. Soil is made out of minerals.

2.1. Water

2.2. Air

2.3. Organic Matter

2.4. Many things that decayed into the ground that was once living animals/insects.

3. Soil has 5 layers.

4. Types:

4.1. Desert Soil

4.2. Forest Soils

4.3. Tropical Grassland Soils

5. Nutrients That Fertilize The Plants:

5.1. Organic Matter

6. How To Describe Soil

6.1. Texture

6.2. Consistence

6.3. Color

7. How Do Living Things Help Soil Become Healthy?

7.1. Insects

7.1.1. They help fertilize the soil.

7.2. Small Animals

7.2.1. They also help fertilize the soil. They give nutrients to the soil as well.