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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Descriptions

1.1. Soil consists of Silt, Clay and sand. Soil is not dirt! Dirt can grow plants/crops. Soil has nutrients and can grow crops. Soil collects nutrients from perished animals and plants.

2. Types

2.1. Sandy Soil

2.2. Silty Soil

2.3. Clay Soil

2.4. Peaty Soil

2.5. Saline Soil

2.6. Loam Soil

3. Is made of

3.1. Organic matter

3.1.1. Nutriton from dead things

3.2. Weathered Rock

3.2.1. Silt

3.2.2. Clay

3.2.3. Sand

4. Layers

4.1. Topsoil

4.2. eluviated horizon

4.2.1. The Eluviated Horizon is a light color that is under A Horizon, it is mainly made up of Sand and Silt.

4.3. SubSoil

4.4. Parent Material

4.5. Bedrock

4.6. Bedrock is the very hard rock at the very bottom of the soil

4.7. A horizon is the topmost part of the soil offen reffered as the topsoil

5. Fertilizer

5.1. Fertilizer is a chemical added to soil to help improve its fertility.