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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Soil has five layers.

1.1. O Horizon is made of decomposed organic matter

1.1.1. Organic Matter- plants and animals that decompose in the ground

1.2. A Horizon is where plants grow

1.3. E Horizon is mostly made of sand and silt

1.4. B Horizon is made of clay and things like iron

1.5. C Horizon is partly broken bedrock and there are no roots that will grow here

1.6. R horizon is all bedrock

2. There are different types of soil.

3. Roots loosen the soil, but also hold it together. They hold it together to keep it from erosion

3.1. Roots have to have plenty of room to grow out and expand

4. Types of soil

4.1. Grassland Soil is soil that forms in places that have wet and dry seasons but yet have less rain than the forest soil

4.2. Forest Soil is soil that is in areas that have hot and cold seasons but still have plenty of rain

4.3. Tropical Grassland Soil is soil that forms in areas with wet and dry seasons, warm for most the year, but still is pretty wet

4.4. Desert Soil is soil that forms in places that don't have much rainfall and are easily moved by wind or water

5. Soil is made of....

5.1. Weathered Rocks

5.1.1. Sand

5.1.2. Silt

5.1.3. Clay

5.2. Organic Matter

5.2.1. Decomposed Animals

5.2.2. Decomposed Plants

5.3. Nutrienets

5.3.1. Nitrogen

5.3.2. Potassium

5.3.3. Phosphorus

6. Description

6.1. Consistence

6.1.1. Loose

6.1.2. Friable

6.1.3. Firm

6.2. Texture

6.2.1. Grainy

6.2.2. Silky

6.2.3. Sticky

6.3. Color

6.3.1. Brown

6.3.2. Red

6.3.3. Greyish

7. The Dust Bowl

7.1. The Dust Bowl happened in Oklahoma

7.2. It happened in the 1930s

7.3. What happened?

7.3.1. No rain for a few years

7.3.2. The wind picked up on dusty sandy soil.

7.3.3. It created a 'tornado' type thing where dust flew all over the place