03: '83-'89 Breakdancing

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03: '83-'89 Breakdancing by Mind Map: 03: '83-'89 Breakdancing

1. Tumbling

1.1. Tumbling Lessons

1.1.1. To enhance my dance

1.1.2. One of the teachers (knew a friend of mine from my Christian circle of friends. She was one of the gymnastic coaches at the YWCA. I Was able to get her to spend a little bit of time with me and within a few lessons I learned a standing back tuck and a back handspring

2. Hobby

2.1. '79

2.1.1. Disco I was 12 years old when "Saturday Night Fever" the movie came out. I would go to pre-teen dances and was obsessed with the whole disco thing. Discovered that I had a talent for dance

2.2. '83

2.2.1. Pep Rallies watching kids at pep rallies who could dance was something that got my adrenalin going.  I guess that I knew if given a chance I could be doing the same thing.

2.2.2. Kids at school "Calvin Cline" Footwork Watched a Kid in Class

2.2.3. Special Event: At a Retreat with Young Life I went on a trip with "Young Life." A break dancing group performed over the weekend. I got to spend some time with them and learned these break dancing moves. The bible says that God has a wonderful plan for our lives and gives each person a talent. Perhaps this was the defining event that introduced not only a relationship with Christ to me, but also the talents that would lead to an abundant life. The Basics Footwork Waves Centipede Spiritual: "A Seed Was Planted" When we are young we are probably the most naive and impressionable.  In need and want of friends the "Christian Crowd" and their beliefs influenced me. I did not question it very much at the time and therefore became well versed in "The Word."  Later I would become the skeptic but for that time I just enjoyed what the friendships had to offer. I believe God was already orchestrating a life long plan.  He began by getting my attention first through Christian friends and then through the special talent of "Break dancing"

2.2.4. Special Event: "The Pep Rally" A disco fan for as long as I could remember, it is no wonder that after seeing an awesome display of Break-Dancing at a Christian outing ('83), that I would retreat to my room and privately begin mimicking every "pop", "wave", and "moonwalk" I could capture on video. I had my idea all planned out. Since my high school principal had banned break- dancing at the weekly pep rallies, I thought I would stop by his office and run my idea by him. I remember him looking up from his paperwork through those thick-rimmed reading glasses. He was a very large and intimidating man. Nevertheless, I asked him if it would be okay if I gave a little display of my "breakin" abilities. To my surprise he said yes. But then, after all, the only reason he had banned break dancing is because it was causing too much racial tension among students. The so-called "pot head" section of the crowd was somewhat unappreciative. I think my principal wanted to see how the crowd would react to a "white boy" trying to dance. Later that morning during the "pep rally", the band began playing. The students were eagerly waiting to see some one "bust a move". Of course no one dared since it was not allowed. Finally with adrenaline pumping, I stood up. My friend next to me said, "What are you doing?" Too late to stop me, I was already gliding across the floor. With the first few steps of a well mastered "moon walk" the crowd went wild. Every Kid in the gymnasium was on their feet chanting, clapping and, of course: throwing loose change. All of the other kids that could break dance instantly came down and proceeded to "battle me". I saved my best move for last, one that required extreme flexibility. Obviously the crowd approved, for as the song ended the students carried me out on their shoulders. That was my first big experience with what the art of movement could do.

2.2.5. Special Event: Performing for the Mayor Since I was the lead vocal in the stage band at my school, I was able to incorporate "Breakin" into our performances. After performing for the mayor, the local paper did a story on our band. That was how the area YWCA found out about me. They asked me to come and teach classes in their program. It did not take long to enroll over 70 students.

3. Instructor

3.1. '84

3.1.1. YWCA The State Newspaper did article as a result of seeing us perform in the High School Stage Band. From the article we were contacted by the YWCA to teach lessons in breakdancing Break dancing Teacher, Sophomore to Jr. Year High School, 17 years old 10.00 Per hour, 70 students enrolled,72 year old man

3.2. '84

3.2.1. Special Event: Frontier Ranch Mentor: Ed Purgason "Young Life" Area Director - Augusta GA That summer I was challenged by the "Young Life" area director to set aside my dancing for a month and choose to serve God by washing dishes at a place called "Frontier Ranch" The ranch was a mountainous resort outside of Denver Colorado It was designed for the purpose of taking high school kids on a weeklong trip to have the time of their life while at the same time hearing the word of God For me, the trip would consist of a month of washing dishes for ten hours a day This would be a volunteer project. It was hard to make the decision I would have to leave my "breakin" career at home Nevertheless, I decided to do it I was willing to go because I had been inspired to search for God The trip was very difficult Every Thursday night, the campers would have a dance My work crew leader told me that it was not my place to "show off" while I was on this trip He taught me to humble myself and to refrain Humbled to wash dishes and not even get to dance when others were. On the fourth and final week, he finally allowed me to dance Coming Home Though the experience of serving God without material rewards helped me to better understand what servitude meant, I was not very excited about continuing the search for a relationship with God I returned home to find that the guys that I had left in charge of my classes had quit

4. Performer

4.1. '84

4.1.1. Outrageous Trio Alejandro Smith When I started back for my junior year of High School, I met Alejandro Smith Ale had just moved to Augusta He had lived in California and in Brooklyn He had belonged to a very successful break- dancing group, which had been hired to perform in the movie: Beat Street Skills I Learned New Skills Body Wave Knee Drop Locking Routine Up rocking Popping Agent A local agent developed our talent to form a singing and dance group called the "Outrageous Trio" She had managed Tom Sellick and the Osmond Brothers It was easy for her to get us work in Augusta, Columbia, and Myrtle Beach 150.00 per hour Performances School Pep Rallies Stage Band - Mayor of Augusta Birthday Parties Club Car McDonalds 2001 Odessey Discovery Channel

4.1.2. "The Outrageous Duo" J.T. Thompson How we met Spiritual Tick Ground Work Knee Spin Prep for Windmill Windmills Roll Overs Crab Walk

5. Dance Training

5.1. '??

5.1.1. Dance - Jazz, Ballet Training The Augusta City Ballet Instructor - YMCA Gymnastics Team

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