05: '88-'90 Gymnastics Coach

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05: '88-'90 Gymnastics Coach by Mind Map: 05: '88-'90 Gymnastics Coach

1. Began a Competitive Boy's Team

1.1. significant event

1.1.1. The gym nest gymnastics camp

1.1.2. Learned technique

1.1.3. Gymnastics world

1.1.4. Made contact with future partner

1.2. Coached swimming during summer

1.3. Would use this experience later

2. Education

2.1. Babtist Student Union - President

2.1.1. Leadership

2.1.2. Responsibility

2.1.3. Serving

2.2. Bachelor's in Psychology - Augusta College - 1989

2.2.1. Augusta University

2.2.2. Education

2.2.3. Personal Adjustment Self-Awareness Time Management

2.2.4. Behavior Modification Boys were so much more active than girls. If it were not for my Psychology classes I would not have been successful in learning how to control behavior Motivation 1. Identify behavior to increase or decrease 2. Make a formal agreement (verbal or written contract) 3. Schedule of reinforcement

2.2.5. Psychology & Gymnastics

3. Graduated and took full time job as staff associate

3.1. Also swimming, weight training, volleyball

4. Transition

4.1. Significant Event - Injured Athlete

4.1.1. The YMCA did not have a men's high bar

4.1.2. I coordinated with another gym to let me bring my team over and use their bar

4.1.3. It was the first time I tried to teach a "giant swing"

4.1.4. I had not had much training

4.1.5. the first boy i chose to try the skill was my smallest team member who was very strong.

4.1.6. i figured that i could safely spot him through the skill

4.1.7. unfortunately, due to my lack of knowledge in how to spot, the boys flew out of my hands and landed halfway off the mat and halfway on the concrete.

4.1.8. thankfully, he suffered only a sprained wrist

4.1.9. this was the event that led me understand that if I were going to continue to coach I would have to get the proper training

4.2. Although I was happy to have a decent job right out of college, I realized that I would not really be able to pursue coaching where I was due to the lack of experience. I felt that my future was limited at the YMCA so I made a decision to go back to school and work on my masters degree in Psychology. I also wanted to take an available part-time job with another gym where I could still enjoy coaching and I knew that I would get really good training in case I wanted to continue in a coaching career

4.3. I took a job with AGTC.

4.3.1. Augusta Gymnastics Training Center

4.3.2. Owner: Jones Butler "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care"

5. Most all of the boy's that I was coaching also joined A.G.T.C. as they could get higher level training as well

6. Mentor: Nick Brancheau

6.1. Athlete: Jay Thornton

6.2. Member of U.S.A. Olympic Team Staff

6.3. Trained me as his assistant coach for about two years

6.4. I was able to Study the daily training regiment of many high level athletes including Jay Thornton

7. Transition

7.1. I managed to get in one semester of graduate school but I really did not want to continue in school any longer

7.2. My passion was clearly in the gym

7.3. I loved both coaching and management

7.4. I came up with a plan and proposed it to my boss

7.5. Pay me a very small salary plus 1.00 per child per week

7.6. this would allow me to pursue a career in both management and coaching