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06: '91 Coach to Manager by Mind Map: 06: '91 Coach to Manager
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06: '91 Coach to Manager

General Manager / Assistant Head Coach - Boy's Gymnastics

Jones Butler gave me my first opportunity at management

I was able to use many of the skills I had learned

Difficult time because I was going through a divorce

Upon separation, I moved in with Nick. There was much to keep me excited about gymnastics, as I was able to spend a lot of time studying Nick as he coached his top gymnast Jay Thornton. Jay eventually went on to place 9th at the 1996 Olympic Trials. I can see where the two years under Nick prepared me with great technical knowledge, which I would need for many years.

Lowest point of my life


Manager to Girl's Head Coach

Although I feel I had been very successful at this management position, my boss was not so comfortable with the commission program.  But more so I think he felt the pressure to fill the newly vacant position of head coach.  So he offered me a raise in salary to become the head coach.  On one hand this could have been concidered a promotion since it paid more; but I remember being depressed as I really wanted the opportunity in management as I saw that there was more potential for me long term.  Regardless I took the head girl's coaching position.  Although I was well prepared technically, it was quite an adjustment as I had to learn the nuances of how the women's program was different than the men's.  That summer and fall was a lonely time since I was coming off a divorce and a setback in my career.  Little did I know that this experience would prepare me for what was coming.  This was really an opportunity for me to become well rounded in all aspects of what it takes to be successful in my future.  This experiences would become part of my history which consistantly would point to there being a God who is actively involved in my life.  Although I had never been a Girl's Head Coach, I was uniquely qualified as I had a solid dance and gymnastics (technical) background.