Lesson 5: Design a Greenhouse

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Lesson 5: Design a Greenhouse by Mind Map: Lesson 5: Design a Greenhouse

1. Outcome

2. Content descriptor

2.1. Investigate food and fibre production and food technologies used in modern and traditional societies (ACTDEK012)

2.1.1. Elaborations:

3. Elaborations:

3.1. Exploring tools, equipment and procedures to improve plant and animal production, for example when growing vegetables in the school garden and producing plant and animal environments such as a greenhouse, animal housing, safe bird shelters

4. Re-usable and recyclable materials

5. Cross-curriculum priority:

5.1. Sustainability

6. General Capability:

6.1. Critical and creative thinking

7. Introduction:

7.1. Discuss the effect of greenhouse gases

7.2. How are greenhouses effective?

7.3. Advantages/disadvantages?

8. Body:

8.1. What are important aspects of the design of a greenhouse to be effective?

8.2. Where is the best location for a greenhouse?

8.3. What materials would be the most effective and why?

8.4. Allow individuals to create and plan the design of their own greenhouse.

9. Conclusion:

9.1. Discuss with students how the construction process will take place?

10. Resources:

10.1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPJJM_hCFj0

11. Steps:

11.1. 1. Collect equipment, materials and tools.

11.2. 2. Measure the base of the greenhouse and mark measurements

11.3. 3. Begin construction of frame of greenhouse

11.4. 4. Use larger materials collected to construct the panels and roof of the greenhouse

12. Outcome: