Task 3 - Lesson 2 Drafting a floor plan

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Task 3 - Lesson 2 Drafting a floor plan by Mind Map: Task 3 - Lesson 2  Drafting a floor plan


1.1. This year 2 unit of Design and Technology unit will run over 5 weeks. Each weeks students will complete a hour one learning experience exploring characteristics of materials to produce a design solution - a new classroom. Students will be guided through the step by step process of drafting, editing and generating a final design plan. The hands on experiences allow for multiple learning styles, adapted assessment types and collaborative work.

2. Alignment with Australian Curriculum

2.1. Knowledge and Understanding: Explore the characteristics and properties of materials and components that are used to produce designed solutions (ACTDEK004) Processes and Production Skills: Visualise, generate, develop and communicate design ideas through describing, drawing and modelling (ACTDEP006) Sequence steps for making designed solutions and working collaboratively(ACTDEP009)

3. Focus Questions

3.1. What pieces of furniture are in the classroom? Do they have to be here? Is there a more suitable place for them? Are there any spare places in the room that could be put to good use? Do you think the room is overcrowded? Which object cannot move?

4. Materials

4.1. -Paper for Give 1 Get 1 activity -Draft floor plan worksheet x24 -Pencils

5. Cross-Curriculum Links

5.1. Mathematics: Interpret simple maps of familiar locations and identify the relative positions of key features(ACMMG044) Visual Art: Use and experiment with different materials, techniques, technologies and processes to make artworks (ACAVAM107)

6. Lesson Steps

6.1. Introduction: (10mins) - Re activate students prior knowledge from previous lesson - Model the Give 1 Get 1 sharing idea strategy (fold paper in half, on Give 1 side write your ideas, Get 1 side write down an idea somebody else has) - Students complete a Give 1 Get 1 activity on the following subjects, the contents of the room, size of the room and the objects in the classroom - Use the focus Questions to guide students thinking

6.2. Body: (20mins) - Invite students to the mat - Model to students how to correctly interpret the draft floor plan worksheet - Explicitly explain to students that they must label their drawings - Think Pair Share: Why is it important to label? - Remind students to draw from “birds eye view” (students have recently completed lessons on this during Maths) - Hand out draft floor plan sheet – one per student - Transition students back to their desk - Students are provided with the remainder (approx. 20minutes) of lesson to complete the floor plan

6.3. Conclusion: (10mins) - Gallery Walk: students stand quietly behind their desks and when instructed to do so, walk around the class, observing each others work - Class Discussion: Check understanding of learning this far/any questions

7. Assessment & Learning Adjustments

7.1. Formative: - Students will draft a plan of their new and improved classroom - Provide students with feedback through the use of annotations on their draft - Students can adapt plan before final copy is submitted for assessment

7.2. -Student who requires extra assistance is provided with print outs of classroom furniture. He just needs to cut & paste. -All students are able to use their Give 1 Get 2 to assist them with ideas for their floor plan