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Soil by Mind Map: Soil

1. Organic matter

1.1. Potassium

1.2. Phospherous

1.3. Nitrogen

2. What Is Soil Made Of

3. Weathered Rocks

3.1. Sand

3.2. Silt

3.3. Clay

4. Types of soil

5. Desert Soil

5.1. This type of soil is in places that don't have very much rainfall and is really hot all year long. It is dry, sandy,and not very many plants grow in it. It is easily moved by wind and water. This soil is light brown.

6. Grassland Soil

6.1. This type of soil forms in areas that have wet and dry season. The topsoil is full of nutrition. This soil is good for farming. It is reddish brown.

7. Forest Soil

7.1. This soil is in areas that have hot and cold seasons and has enough rain all year that can support a lot of trees.

8. Tropicals Grassland Soil

8.1. This type of soil is found in areas that are warm all year and it has wet and dry seasons. It is greyish brown.

9. Layers

9.1. Topsoil

9.2. Subsoil

9.3. Parent Material

9.4. Bedrock