(KFK5-10ENG1A:) What makes a good language teacher in English?

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(KFK5-10ENG1A:) What makes a good language teacher in English? by Mind Map: (KFK5-10ENG1A:) What makes a good language teacher in English?

1. good classrom management

2. See the students and the meet them on the level they are at

3. Communicate well with the class, creating a positive and acceptive atmosphere

4. Find learning methods that apply to the level and the interests of the students

5. Be involved in each student`s learning process

6. Give the students the feeling of being accepted and appreciated in the classroom

7. Create a positive learning atmosphere, building relationships between students and teacher student.

8. Being well prepared and meeting the students at their level.

9. Give constructive feedback.

10. Students know what is expected of them.

11. Be a good language role model

11.1. Speak English all the time.

11.1.1. Use varied activities and motivate the pupils

12. Being enthusiastic about the subject

12.1. vary the lessons

13. be creative

14. have an "eye" for each student and meet their need

15. good classroom management

16. good knowledge of the English language

17. Motivate each student to develope

18. Know about different learning strategies

19. Teacher makes his/her courses interesting

20. give good feedback and show interest for every student.

21. explain and show how to do Things clearly

22. use different Learning methodes

23. show that you belive in Your students. Give them confedence

24. Relations

24.1. To use english in the classroom

24.1.1. Knowlegde of the english language Diversity in teaching methods Being able to exlpain

24.2. Dd

25. To have the ability to connect with your students, even the difficult ones.

26. To be able to motivate the students

27. Being able to adjust the academic level and teaching methods to the level of the individual student

28. Have a solid understanding of how students learn a second language

29. Being able to create a learning environment where students feel safe to practice a second language

30. Being well prepared in classes and structure them in a way that benefits student learning

31. Being well versed in both written and oral English

32. Have a clear target for Your teaching.

33. Have a clear view yourself why English is an important subject.

34. To master both spoken and written English well.

35. Use different tools for Your teaching.

36. Know how children learn best at certain levels.

37. The teacher should use different methodes.