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Online Learning by Mind Map: Online Learning

1. 1.Introduction:

1.1. Is online learning right for everyone.

1.2. No, online learning is not for everyone.

2. Visual

2.1. Learn best using graphs and pictures.

2.2. a.Prefers to read and write instead of listening. b. Likes art more than Music [2]

3. Kinesthetic

3.1. Learns by being physically doing things.[3]

3.2. Best setting is a lab environment for school.[3]

3.3. remembers best the things they experience.[4]

3.4. Have good motor coordination[4]

4. Auditory

4.1. A. Auditory learners must hear information to retain it.

4.2. Tape lectures to help you fill in the gaps in your notes. But do listen and take notes, reviewing notes frequently. Sit in the lecture hall or classroom where you can hear well. After you have read something, summarize it and recite it aloud. [1]

4.3. Good at explaining things

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