King Louis XIV

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King Louis XIV by Mind Map: King Louis XIV

1. Marriage

1.1. In 1660 he was married to Maria Theresa

1.2. King Louis kept many mistresses throughout his life

1.3. It was Believed that King Louis also fancied his sister in law, his brother's wife.

2. Versailles

2.1. King Louis spent a majority of his reign living in Versailles

2.2. It took a staff of 5,000 to maintain it

2.3. Versailles was built on the property of his great grandfather's old hunting lodge

3. Early Life

3.1. Born to Queen Anne of Austria & King Louis XIII on Sept. 6, 1638

3.2. King Louis was nicknamed "gift of God" by his mother.

3.3. It was his mother that instilled the "divine right" into Louis's mind.

4. Coronation

4.1. Louis was crowned in 1654

4.2. In 1661 Louis's life long adviser Mazarin died

4.3. Louis then instead of appointing another Prime Minister he decided to run the kingdom himself

5. The Wars of Louis XIV

5.1. Louis was engaged in four great wars.

5.2. A war respecting the Spanish Netherlands.

5.3. A war with Holland.

5.4. The war of the Palatinate.

5.5. The war of the Spanish Succession.

6. Death

6.1. After 72 years on the throne, Louis died of gangrene at Versailles on 1 September 1715.

6.2. His body was laid to rest in Saint-Denis Basilica outside Paris.