Simple Past

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Simple Past by Mind Map: Simple Past

1. Regular Verbs

1.1. Affirmative

1.1.1. Subject+verb+ed+complement For example: Jhon traveled to Cuzco last year.

1.2. Negative

1.2.1. Subject+didn't+verb+complement For example: He didn't travel to Cuzco last year.

1.3. Interrogative

1.3.1. Did+verb+complement+? For example: Did he travel to last year?

2. Irregular Verbs

2.1. Affirmative

2.1.1. Subject+verb (2nd form)+complement For example: Karla bought clothes last week.

2.2. Negative

2.2.1. Subject+didn't+verb+complement For example: She didn't buy clothes last week.

2.3. Interrogative

2.3.1. Did+subject+verb+complement+? For example: Did she buy clothes last week?