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Ideologies by Mind Map: Ideologies

1. Money=Power

1.1. 80's

1.1.1. Material Girl

1.1.2. "Greed is Good"

1.2. Crevecouer

1.2.1. In Europe there were a lot of wealth gaps which restricted people.

2. All People Are Equal

2.1. Declaration

2.1.1. "All people are created equal."

2.1.2. "He has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty"

2.2. Crevecouer

2.2.1. People can come to America and escape monarchies and wealth gaps

3. Self Reliance

3.1. Zinn

3.1.1. Experts are biased to their own self interest

3.2. Emerson

3.2.1. Don't Let others take your own idea

3.3. 80's

3.3.1. Pacman